Everyone loves their hair the most. They are a natural accessory on our body that we can stylize in any way we want. Tying them up in a bun, leaving loose into curls or poker straight hair-there are so many styles to carry our hair beautifully for every occasion. With so much addition of colors in the wardrobe, there is no chance that hair could lack behind. You can add color to your hair too and sway them in cool breezy air with a fun attitude. Now unknowingly, many of us get out hair colored and then regret later. This is not because the color is not flattering but because it is not right for our skin tone.

Skin tone plays a huge role when you plan on picking the correct color for your hair. Skin tones vary from fair to medium and dark, so before you dig into getting your hair color done, have a look at these picks from our experts. It can be a really tricky business to pick the right color the first time. So, we’ve listed below the best hair colors for fair skin beauties –


Blonde Balayage is one of the most popular techniques in hair color. It is pro in coloring your hair in such a way that they look super-natural as if nothing was painted on them in the first place. This technique is very modern and most celebrities are also flaunting it. The hair looks like a mixture of brown and gold thus leaving a sun-kissed impact on the hair. All fair-skinned beauties, this is your definite tried and tested pick. These types of neutral shades always compliment your skin. You will not regret picking this style as it will look trendy and sexy wherever you go.


As fancy as the name sounds, it looks even fancier on the hair. This shade goes hand-in-hand with the transition. The ombre shade has this feature of going dark to light as the hair extends downwards. The color is much darker on the roots and as we go down toward the ends, it starts fading a bit. This transition looks very dreamy and attractive on fair-skin beauties. Walnut and chocolate shades are picked in this technique. For the most flattering look, curl your hair into loose spirals at the ends and wait for heads to turn once you walk in.


Those who shy away from trying something new and experimenting with all kinds of colors, this one is not your pick. Girls who love to live their life on the edge and carry bold attitude on the sleeve, this should be on your bucket list. If neons are your thing in clothes, this will be your thing in hair color. Think of painting your hair like a canvas or a rainbow. Pick colors like orange, yellow, pink and purple. They look very unique and fascinating. Wear edgy clothes like boyfriend jeans, leather jackets with choker accessories to finish this look perfectly.


Who said you can’t paint the hair blue? Well, now you can with the evolution of Teal color. Teal is a medium color lying midway between blue and green tones. You should not confuse this with turquoise because the former is greener and the latter is bluer. Teal and ash together are the perfect combination in hair color and maks sure you stand out always. Giving a very washed-out look to the hair, this one holds the color grey at a very prominent place. It has a trendy vibe to and highlights your facial features too. Color your locks in this color and get ready to show-off.


Yes you read that right. Pastels are very popular in hair colors too as much they are in clothing. A head full of pastel nude color looks so damn attractive that it is hard to resist. It doesn’t mean you have to color the entire hair pink. There is a dash of mixture between pink and brown so it looks really classy. Girls with bob cut hair or shoulder-length hair can flaunt this one beautifully. It is a sure win for fair-skin beauties and a definite recommendation from us.

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