Healthy Drinks to Get Clear and Glowing Skin

Healthy Drinks to Get Clear and Glowing Skin

All of us have suffered from those acne issues, not only during the time of our hormonal changes but otherwise as well. We always try to apply some medication or make-up products to get rid of these but what about our inner system. We are aware of the fact that these blemishes occur when your liver is not functioning properly, to get rid of those toxins and wastes caused by the junk we have consumed, so what could be done. We aren’t against the medical treatments but what if we do something that will cleanse our body from inside, we are talking about the healthy drinks that will substantially change your way of lifestyle.

Drink No.1

You need to have a carrot, beetroot, green apple, and lemon. The quantity you will need is I full-size carrot, ¼ beetroot, a whole apple and half tablespoon of lemon juice. You can also squeeze a fresh lemon. So to begin, add these products except lemon into your blender and make a smooth paste. As you know the carrots, beetroot and apple are juicy as has lots of fiber you will get a thick little juice smoothie. Finally, add the juice and have a sip of this delicious drink. If you suffer from an irregular menstrual cycle then you can add ¼ spoon of black seed to it and enjoy the drink. This drink is tasty and consuming it regularly you will find the noticeable changes.

Drink No.2

Matcha green tea, some of you must know the fact about matcha tea. This tea is made with the help of the finest green tea leaves and is chafe into a very fine powder. So to prepare this you will need to add a tablespoon of matcha powder in a cup and add around ¼ cup of cold water. Give it a good whisk until you see the white froth on the top. You can have it in this way as well, or you can add some warm or cold milk along with honey. At last, have it after mixing the ingredients well.

Drink No.3

Turmeric, milk, pepper, water or milk are the things you need. So if you have less time on your plate then you can go for the water recipe otherwise you can try the milk recipe. For water one, you need to take a spoon of organic turmeric and add a pinch of pepper to it. You can add any white pepper or black it’s your choice. Have this water on an empty stomach regularly and you will see the results.
For milk recipe, you need to take a pan, add some milk, a spoon of turmeric to it. Now, you can consume it like this, but if you like to add some taste to it than, maple syrup or honey can be your partner. Some people even add a pinch of cinnamon to it to enhance the taste. Cinnamon is sweet specie so you can skip adding any kind of sugar. However it has hot properties thus, you might want to add it on winter days, not summer.

Drink No.4

Lemon and apple cider vinegar, these two in combination can do wonders. Apple cider vinegar has acidic properties that strengthen your immunity system and help you maintain a healthy skin for long. Thus, you can add these two in equal ratio and to a glass of water and consume it regularly on an empty stomach. You can have it another time of the day but the result of drinking this on an empty stomach is mind-blowing. So we suggest you a morning doze. The lemon has vitamin C in it which helps your body produce Collagen. Collagen is a protein that helps your skin to remain youthful. After the age of 25 our body produces Collagen in less quantity thus, it is vital if you are about to reach that age, you need to ingest some Vitamin C in your system.

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