One of the important things you should do before styling up is get to know what body type you have so that you can go for styles and clothes that flatter your shape and elevate your silhouette. There are different kinds of body shapes and each and everyone is defined by the way fat accumulates in the body. Here if you have an apple-shaped body, your fat accumulates in the upper half of your body. You gain fat around your waist and even arms but there is only a slight change in the fat accumulation in your legs. If you have this body type then this is the article for you. Here we are going to know more about various tips that you can use to style up.
1: Avoid waist-cinching dresses

Waist cinching dresses that attract attention to the waist should be avoided in this type. Some dresses cinch at the middle of the waist and with this body type those dresses would create the stomach area the focal point thus taking away the whole point of enhancing the silhouette. You can go for the waist-cinched dresses that would be above your stomach so that they fi not attract attention to the stomach area.
2: Go for layers

Layering is very important in any style. Here for an apple shapes body type, you can go for upper body layering. You can pair a cute top with tailored pants and layer it up with a blazer. Go for the blazers and jackets that have some work on them or the ones that are either long or short. Try to avoid the ones that would end at your belly or the ones that would be loose to you. Getting the one with a v-neck is possible.
3: Attention to your legs

Apple-shaped bodies have great legs and thus you can shift the focal point from your upper body to your lower body. Wera dresses that would elevate the way your legs look. You do not need to go for mini dresses to show your legs off. You can wear midi dresses with flares or can go for knee-length ones. You can also go for wide pants which would make you look great. To create an illusion of long legs you can get the right kind of heels to pair with the dresses.
4: Go for ruched or textured material

Material is very important when it comes to selecting any dress or any clothes. The right material would elevate your look and the wrong one would do the exact opposite. For this body type, you should avoid matrices that stick to the body and that can draw attention to any area you do not want to. You need to avoid martial that would stick to your upper body like a second skin. Instead, you can go for ruched material or textured fabric.
5: Add accessories to change the focal point

Accessories always play a great role to complete the look. Here they can do more than they. You can wear a simple outfit and add any statement accessory that would create the accessory as the focal point of the attire. You can go for heavy earrings, chokers, necklaces, headbands, handbags, or any kind of accessories. Try to avoid big and thick belts if they are too flashy to avoid your stomach being the focal point. You can look for various ways to add accessories to an outfit to shift the focus away from the parts you wish to.

Styling up according to your body type is a bit tricky but once you know about the clothes and styles that flatter your type you can create alluring outfits with them. These are some of the tips that you can use to make enhance your style and to know what kind of clothes and styles can you go for to falter your shape. This is the body type that can be a bit tricky to style but as you know the key ingredient in any style is confidence. If you have confidence and if you are comfortable in your body and style then that is the one for you.

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