How to ace bronzer application for that perfect sun-kissed glow?

How to ace bronzer application for that perfect sun-kissed glow?

Makeup is an art and it seriously takes an artist to get it right. Using makeup products to perfection takes some serious amount of practice and of course, skills. While we understand that applying makeup is no joke but you most certainly shouldn’t be afraid of using certain products that you fear of getting wrong with such as bronzer. You have got to believe us, bronzer is one heck of a product which is not only one of the essentials but it also helps in adding that perfect finish to your makeup look and makes you look no less than a glam diva. Bronzer can work magically for anyone, but even after knowing all the amazing things about this product, a lot of women gets afraid of using it in their makeup routine, why? Because the thought of looking like an Oompa looks scares them away. As long as you are applying the product the right way by following the right technique, there’s nothing that can stop you from achieving a healthy and sun-kissed glow on your skin. All it takes is learning the right bronzer application technique and you will become a pro at applying it no time.

Use a matte bronzer

First things first, if you have been using a bronzer for everyday use then make sure that you are using a matte formula. Using shimmery bronzer can look OTT which is absolutely not appropriate to be used on a daily basis. This is why you should stick with matte bronzer for everyday use especially the girls with oily and uneven skin texture. And make sure that you are not using a bronzer that is more than two shades darker to your skin tone. And if you want the bronzer to look a little shimmery then you always have the options to add a slight hint of highlighter on the top of it.

The choice of the brush really matters

You cannot get the bronzer application right unless you are using the right brush. It’s very important to use the right makeup brush to achieve that natural and healthy sun-kissed glow perfectly. While looking for a bronzer brush, make sure that it isn’t too dense or else it can end up picking a lot more product than required which will not provide the kind of finish you were trying to achieve. Look for a brush that is soft and fluffy and is angled at the top so that it can allow the product to be applied precisely whilst only picking the required amount of bronzer on its base.

Apply bronzer on the right spots

One of the most important things to know to get a bronzer application right is the spots. Applying the bronzer on the right spots is the key to perfecting your makeup look and achieving natural sun-kissed glow without actually looking burnt. Bronzer is usually applied to the area where sunlight would naturally hit and this includes your forehead, jawline, cheekbone, and the top of your nose. Just make sure that you are applying the product very carefully using light hand movement or else things can turn up really messy.

Don’t forget to cover your neck

To make your makeup look more uniform and cohesive, apply some amount of bronzer to your neck as well. While you apply bronzer to your face, make sure to apply a little bit of it to the front of your neck as well. Use a light hand movement to do the job as the bronzer shouldn’t look very prominent. For more effective results, after you are done applying the bronzer to your face, take the same brush with no extra product taken to bronze your neck and you will be good to go.

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