Styling different clothes during winters can prove to be quite difficult. With only limited options to choose from you may not find a lot of outfits to try on during this season. When we speak of winter clothes it includes all those warm and cozy clothing which not everybody is a fan of. Some people just don’t like the feel of warm pants and jeans. They like getting the feel of airy and breathable outfits like dresses. Which we may tell you is not the easiest and smartest choice to make during such cold weather. Think of poor knees, legs and arms that will get exposed to such cold weather and will look all shivery and inappropriate during such days. You may not want yourself to get exposed to frostbite by wearing such outfits. However, if you style your dresses the right way and winter appropriate, you might be able to wear your dresses in such weather without worrying about getting frostbite.

To give you some styling inspiration, we have gathered a list of some easy ways to style your dress  during winters.

1. With black tights

Wearing tights with your dresses is one of the easiest and trendiest ways of wearing your dresses. But with that, it’s also important to style it the right way to make your dress look fashionable and well put together. The trick is to wear your tights with a dress that is either mini or midi one. Dresses that come somewhere in between may not be the smartest choice as it may appear very bulky and unappealing. The easiest way of dressing this way is to opt for an all-black ensemble and you are set to rock the day. However, if you are going for a different dress make sure it comes with winter colors and has a hint of black color to it.

2. Over a turtle neck top

Turtle necks look so chic and trendy in itself. And having them worn under your dresses is one great way of styling it. Don it under a shift dress especially the one that is sleeveless and falls straight from the shoulders. This combination together makes for a great ensemble and is literally cold-weather appropriate outfit. Complete the look by sliding into a pair of structured boots and carry a structured bag with it.

3. layer it with a sweater

We all desperately wait for summers to be able to wear all those slip dresses or maxi dresses again for our outings. But now you wouldn’t need to wait for winters to end, you can easily wear the dresses by simply layering it with a warm and cozy sweater of yours. This combination looks incredibly chic and trendy. All you will need to do is to accessorize the look by wearing knee-high boots with it and carry a nice structured bag. This is a perfect look to carry for all those friends outing and while going for shopping. To add a little edge to the look, opt for a turtle neck sweater and pull the sleeves of the sweater upwards a bit.

4. With thigh-high/knee-high boots

Styling the dresses with knee-high or thigh-high boots will always remain the classic and timeless fashion choice. You just cannot go wrong with this styling trick. Even adding them with your dull and boring dresses can instantly bring some life to your outfit and make you look dressier. Opt for dresses that end just above the boots. To create an extra sleek look, layer your dress with a warm coat which is of the same length and you are good to go.

5. Add faux fur to the look

There’s something about faux fur accents that grabs our attention. They look very winter-friendly and are always the best thing to add to your outfits during cold weather. Be it in the form of footwear or clothes, you just have to have them in your wardrobe. The best way to add faux fur to your look is in the form of a vest faux fur coat. Throw it over your mini black dress to look all warm and stylish at the same time. Wear knee-high boots with the look for extra warmth and tadaa you are ready to make some heads turn.

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