The majority of us tend to believe that spending a lot of money on high-end brands and trendy styles will make us stand out from the crowd. But the truth is that no amount of money and fashion trends can make us look distinct unless we add our own personal style to it. Which therefore gets us to the conclusion that we all need to understand and infer our personal style for the perfect outfit every day. A couple of regular outfits can also cast a great first impression if chosen wisely. There is a lot of mix ‘n’ match you can do, choose unique patterns according to the body type, add layers and accessories. All these tricks create the perfect outfit. Styling is an art and doesn’t come overnight, it takes a little effort to revolutionize the way you dress daily. So we have some tips for you that will not only alter your looks but also make you a pro at styling!

Balance the colors

The first thing that attracts us towards any piece of apparel is design and color. These two elements create a hell lot of a difference and that’s why it’s important to pick the right one. Striking a balance between color choices is a must because there is a very thin line between perfectly dressed and overdoing it. This doesn’t mean that you should match both top and bottom but you should instead, pick colors that complement each other. Now that can be in contrast too. Light and dark shade, a neon and white shade, a mono pastel look; all these are very carefully put together basic looks. On the other hand, if you put two gaudy colors together, you might end up being the joker of the party.

Understand your body shape

Yeah, we all want to pull off that sexy little black dress and look stylish as ever. But can we? Well, that depends on our body type. If you are dying to fit in a black bodycon dress but are too curvy for it, then look for alternatives. Every single body type has its own requirements and styles that look best on it. You just have to understand that personal style and look for outfits thereafter. If high waist jeans work for you, then go for a similar design in other silhouettes like high waist skirts and trousers. If baggy clothes are your thing, then look for A-line dresses. It’s good to do a little experimenting but always keep in mind what looks good on your body and what doesn’t.

Mixing patterns

Prints and patterns are a great way to add a distinct factor to the outfit. They look very stylish and chic style. You might be already having a lot of prints in your wardrobe like floral, animal, leopard, stripes, gingham, etc. But the catch here is to mix the prints together and create an attractive silhouette. Patterns should also complement each other and not clash. Look for one design that has the same color as others and then pick different patterns. This is a great way to create a bold look from your existing wardrobe pieces and slay in style.

Showing the right amount of skin

Showing off skin is considered appealing but showing too much of it looks trashy. So always go for clothes that show just the right amount of your skin. Try to show off only one part of your body at a time. If you’re wearing a pencil skirt, wear a full sleeves top or if you’re wearing a tube top, go for your denim. It’s important to have an understanding of your best features and then choose the right clothing. If you wish to show off your cleavage with a long V-neckline then opt for a dress that is long or a top that is covered otherwise. These tricks never harm and make you look elegant even with skin show-off.

Learn the art of Layering

Adding layers to your outfit has always proved to be an attractive styling trick. Even if you pick a plain white tee and layer it with a scarf or a longline shrug, it will become a trendsetter. You just need to pick the right accessories and layering attires. Look for street styles and celebrity outfits for inspiration and then try to experiment! A trench coat over a slip dress or a plaid poncho over shorts is an incredible style of layering basic outfits. Play with your accessories, overcoats, and layers- and you can master this art in no time!

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