How To Take Care Of Sensitive Skin

How To Take Care Of Sensitive Skin

If you’re having sensitive skin, you’re probably looking for the best ways to take care of it. What products to use and what to not, is what you’ve been searching for you. Well, then, you’ve stumbled upon the right feed.
In the feed, we have compiled proper care you should follow if you’re dealing with sensitive skin.

Say Not To Fragrance

The nice smell of a product can damage your skin! If you have sensitive skin make sure you look for the ingredient list before using any product. If the product has fragrance, it’s not meant for you. Fragrance irritates sensitive skin thus anyone with sensitive skin should avoid using such products that have fragrance added to them.
The fragrance is a harmful chemical that is not only bad for sensitive skin but other skin too. So, make sure you stay away from it. Opt for the products that are 100% fragrance-free, if you’re a sensitive skin type.

Use Soap-Free Cleansers

If you ask what type of cleansers is best suited for sensitive skin, then, our answer would be the cleansers that are soap-free.
Soap can irritate the sensitive skin and strip off the natural moisture thus making your skin dry or increasing the oil secretion. For sensitive skin types, you should always prefer a cleanser that is soap-free and is mild.
Also, soap cleanser disturbs your natural pH balance, damaging your skin. It’s really important to maintain the ideal pH level of the skin. Thus, you should opt for soap-free cleaners only.

Add Calming Ingredients

While you look for skin care products you should look for calming ingredients. The calming ingredients such as Aloe Vera and calamine treat the irritated and inflamed skin; so, make sure you look for these ingredients in your skincare products.
Another great tip for sensitive skin types would be to rub an ice cube as soon as you step inside your house. The pollution, dirt, and UV rays can take a huge toll on the skin, thus rubbing an ice cube all over the face will heal the irritated skin and also reduce inflammation. It will also help to close and tighten the pores.

Prefer Micellar Water

If you’re looking for an ideal makeup remover for sensitive skin types, Micellar water is your correct choice. Micellar water is gentle on the skin and tough on the makeup.
Using oil or balms will irritate your skin and lead to inflammation. Thus, the best way to remove your makeup is to use Micellar water. You can even prefer using Micellar water for cleansing as it’s very gentle on the skin and won’t harm the pH level of the skin.
Look for Micellar water that has natural ingredients in it.

Never Over-Exfoliate Your Skin

Exfoliation is really good for your skin even for sensitive skin types but if you’re over-exfoliating your skin you’re making it more prone to sensitivity. Exfoliate your skin not more than twice a week and with the correct exfoliator. Lactic acid is the best chemical exfoliator for sensitive skin.
The signs that you have over-exfoliated your skin are
• Skin burning
• Inflamed skin
• Dry skin
• Itchy skin
• Skin producing more oil
If you experience any of these symptoms just a few days after exfoliating it clearly shows you have over-exfoliated your skin. Skip exfoliation for a while.

So, these were a few tips that you should keep in mind if you’re a sensitive skin type. Sensitive skin is the trickiest skin to deal with and the slightest negligence can harm your skin. So, make sure you follow these tips.
We hope the feed turns out to be a great help!

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