We all can be held way too many times guilty on splurging in a plethora of skincare products that didn’t just work. And to be précise it’s not even our mistake. Every second the skincare world throws new products that we just can’t turn down before trying. But, unfortunately not everything we invest in shows us results. Question-time- what do you do with the products that just didn’t work for you? The majority of us just throw them. Gosh, it hurts investing so much and then trashing it. Well, if that’s what you do, this feed would turn out to be a great help and you’ll thank us later.
We have come with how effectively you can use the skincare products that just didn’t work right for you. We have listed 4 different ways in which you can use all the skincare products that just didn’t work out for you. And the selection of products is just general products we all invest in, so if anything you found relatable you can definitely try that out and make the product at least work in some way or the other. And, you will be blown with how effective the product turned out to be.

Physical Exfoliants-

If you find any of your scrubs didn’t work well for you or was way too harsh for your skin we have found an effective way to use it instead of disowning that. The harsh granules can tear your skin and as a switch, we don’t recommend you to even use it on your body. What we recommend you are using it onto your feet. The skin on your feet is thicker and using the harsh scrubs over there will help you get rid of the dead skin cells that might accumulate on your heels. It even works as a great aid in repairing the rough and cracked heels and making your heels smooth and soft.

Moisturizer –

We all love moisturizers and thus end up in splurging on every moisturizer that mentions our skin type. But, do all that suits us. Some find the moisturizer way too heavy and some way too light, right? So, what to do well don’t throw that out. We are here to even extract some work from that.
Even if your moisturizer is heavy or light you can in either situation use it as a moisturizer mask. And in that way, it works like magic. Before you wash your face just keep it for about 15 minutes and rinse it off. You’ll see your skin has that boost of hydration and voila you made something work that just didn’t.

Facial Oils-

Well, facial oils are something we all love. We mean who doesn’t love that glow and how flawlessly facial oil makes your foundation glide in. But, that doesn’t necessarily mean our love for facial oil will make every facial oil work. We all invest in some facial oils that just didn’t work. So, in that way what you can do is.
Make it work as a cuticle oil. If you have dry cuticle oil or just want to pamper your hands just apply a generous amount to your cuticles and let the oil sink in it. Isn’t that great?

Hand Cream-

Time to throw some fun fact, our hair, and nails are made of the same dead protein-keratin. So, if you find any of your hand creams just not enough for the purpose it’s meant to be. We are here with a quick fix. You can use the hand cream as your hair cream. Yes, you heard that right. Apply the cream to your hair to tame down that entire frizz and make your hair much more manageable.

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