Nicely done brows can take your makeup game to a whole new level. But one slight mistake with your brows can end up ruining the entire look, and that’s the last thing you want. Your brows are not something you should play around with. They should always be left to the professionals, especially if it includes tweezing them. We girls have a habit of doing things the last minute before any major event. Besides clothes, hair, and makeup, there’s this one thing that also needs some sprucing, and it happens to be none other than your eyebrows. Not having the time to go to the salon to get your brows fixed doesn’t always end well. Since you have no other option but to take the matter into your own hands, some mishaps are bound to happen, especially if it’s your first time tweezing your brows.
Plucking your brows by yourself is one of the worst mistakes to make; it can end up really bad if you aren’t careful enough. While messing your brows can be one of your worst nightmares, you should also know that this isn’t the end of the world. There are some easy fixes that you can use to take care of those mishaps.

Red and splotchy skin

Tweezing your brows by yourself can leave your skin looking red, splotchy, and irritated around the brows, especially if you have sensitive skin. While your skin tends to calm down on its own in some time, you can choose to accelerate the healing process by using aloe vera. Aloe vera is packed with moisturizing properties, and it is also very soothing in nature, you can apply its gel around your brows to reduce redness and prevent tiny bumps. Just make sure to apply the gel in the direction of growth.

Bald patches

A DIY tweezing session can turn out to be your worst nightmare when you end up over plucking your brows. Ending up with bald patches in your brows or making them look too thin can be a very traumatic experience. However, you can take care of this situation by putting your brow pencil to good use. You can use it to fill in the brows, and try to keep everything as natural as possible. Using an angled brush to apply brow powder helps in achieving a softer and natural look.

Overfilled brows

Filling your brows to perfection can be one of the trickiest things to do, especially if you’re a beginner. Overfilled brows is one mistake most of us girls are guilty of making, and honestly, it can look too dramatic and extra. If you have ended up overfilling your brows, don’t panic, you can remove the excess product by tracing the natural outline of your brows using a cotton pad dipped in makeup remover.

Bleached brows

If you are someone who likes to bleach their face every now and then, there are chances you might have accidentally ended up bleaching your brows, which can look very funny and scary at the same time. While there is no problem in bleaching your face at home, you just have to be extra careful around your brows so that you don’t end up bleaching them. And even if you end up slightly bleaching them, don’t panic, there’s a way to fix this mishap. The first thing you need to do is apply a layer of Vaseline on the outline of your brows. After you are done doing that, you will have to carefully apply the bear dye to the bleached part of your brow. You can apply some dye to your other brow as well to make sure that both brows look even. After letting the color sit on your brows for some time, you can wipe it off.

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