Jewelry trends you will be seeing in the year 2020

Jewelry trends you will be seeing in the year 2020

There is nothing like accessories that can help to elevate the overall appearance of your outfit and believe us they can work wonders for the way you look. Every time we need to spruce up the look of our outfit, jewelry comes to the rescue. Whether it’s a chunky neckpiece or chunky earrings, with the help of these accessories you can transform your outfit from drab to fab in no time. Be it a dress, blazer, jeans top or even a sweater for that matter, with the help of some trendy jewelry pieces, you can make yourself look like a complete diva in no freaking time. As the year 2020 has commenced it’s only wise to trade our old jewelry pieces with the new and trendier ones. And to help you with that, below, we have listed 5 jewelry trends that you will be going to see everywhere in the year 2020. Keep on reading to know about them.

Oversized hoops

Now is the time to give your dainty and elegant pair of hoop earrings a break and instead, invest in some bold and striking pair of hoops like an oversized one. It was one of the trends that were spotted on the runways for spring 2020. From double hoops to door knocker style hoops, major updates were given to this type of earrings. These earrings are more about standing out and less about blending with your style. You can easily carry these hoops with any kind of outfit, from animal print dresses to plain blazers, adding them to your look will add indefinite appeal to your outfit.

Colorful stones

As we bring in the spring season, it’s time to add some refreshing and renewed energy to our wardrobe not only in the form of clothes but some jewelry too. Some bright and cheery colors in different hues are the way to welcome sunnier days and add some pop of color to your look.  Colorful stones embedded in the jewelry in different proportions are the answer to bring in the spring vibe. And quite honestly they look stylish and statement-worthy enough to be carried with fancy outfits.

Pearl for that elegant look

Pearls never fail to look amazing and while they are still in trend this year, why not make the best use of it while we can. You will be spotting lots of pearl earrings this season, whether in a structural form or its natural shape, they are one sure way to add a touch of femininity and timelessness to your outfits. Whether you are investing in real pearls or faux ones, these pieces will help to add a certain charm and elegance to your look.

Chunky chains

Trying to make a statement with your jewelry? Look no further than chunky chains to make yourself stand out from the crowd. From oversized gold chokers to lucite necklaces, these chunky neckpieces were seen ruling the spring 2020 shows. One can easily dress up their outfits by wearing these chunky chains which also comes in the form of bracelets too. Wear it with your sweater and jeans to amp up the look of your outfit.

Single earrings

Wearing a single earring is not entirely a new concept and it continues to be in trend this year as well. It is also one great way to dress up even the simplest outfit and make it the focal point in your look. You can easily accessorize your look by wearing one statement earring and there will be no one stopping you from rocking this look.

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