Know about 5 different types of scarves for winter

Know about 5 different types of scarves for winter

Scarves are not only a basic need during winters but are also ultimate winter accessories that can keep you warm and stylish throughout the winter season. Not only they hold the capacity to provide you extra warmth but also make you appear super stylish and chic in no time. When nothing else is working for you, just simply adding scarves over your winter outfits can do wonders for the way you appear. No matter if you are wearing a dress or jeans, a scarf can work with everything, and it always manages to look amazing regardless of your outfit choice. And speaking of their variants, scarves come in all different hues, materials, prints, and designs that you can match with many different outfits. There are not just one or two kinds of scarves that are available in the market, but you may be surprised to know that there are multiple types of scarves out there that serve different purposes. To give you an idea about some of the scarves styles, we have rounded up a list of 5 different scarves that are here to keep you warm this winter season.

Regular scarf

Regular scarves are classic for a reason, and one can never really go wrong with this style of scarf as it can be styled in a number of ways with many different outfits. You can either carry it in a regular way, draped loosely around the neck, or by tying it tightly around your neck. Depending on what style you prefer or what will go well with your outfit, you can carry it accordingly. As far as its ability to provide protection against cold weather is concerned, these scarves are warm enough that they can snuggle up and keep the neck protected from cold.

Infinity scarf

It is one of the best kinds of scarves that you can find for yourself. Not only they are extremely snugly and cozy but also look amazingly well when styled with different outfits, especially under coats or over chunky sweaters. Unlike ordinary scarves, infinity scarves don’t comprise of dangling ends, which can get in the way while styling. In fact, they are very simple looking scarves that can keep your neck protected from cold. These scarves usually sit a bit higher than your neck, which you can also use to cover your nose and mouth when the cold is a little intolerable.

Snood scarf

Snood scarves are quite similar to infinity scarves that wrap around your neck. They shield and protect your neck and head from the cold due to its ability to cover your head like a hood. Even though it appears like a hood, but it still functions like an infinity one that sits around your neck. If you ever get confused between the infinity and snood scarf, then you should know the key difference between the two, and that difference is in the positioning. Snood scarf sits higher on the neck than the infinity scarf, and also it gives a hood like appearance.

Pocket scarf

A piece of clothing that comes with pocket can be a cause of celebration for any woman as no clothing piece feels complete without having pockets in it. And when we can have a scarf that features two pockets, then what else can be better than this to ask for? Pockets can come really handy during the winter season as it can keep your hands protected from frosting in such winter air. Getting two uses out of one thing is always considered to be a smart choice, so why not invest in one for yourself this winter season.

Collar scarf

Collar scarves are one of their own kinds that are designed in a very unique and elegant way. These scarves are usually made out of faux fur that helps in shielding and covering your neck from cold and keeps it all warm and cozy. Their versatility and stylish looks are what make these scarves an excellent choice for you to carry with your coats and dresses for an additional touch. You can find them in many different colors and styles; pick the one that suits your taste and will go well with different outfits.

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