When we speak of accessories, they are mostly known for their ability to spruce up the overall appearance of your outfit. While each accessory holds different importance and purpose, a watch is something that is known for its versatility and tends to go well with almost every different look. Every person has different beliefs regarding watches, for some, they are not such a big deal and are only used for one purpose, and that is to know the time whereas, some people have a thing for watches, even if it means buying all different types and styles of watches.

Speaking of types, besides the look of the watch, each type serves different purposes and features. And for all the women who are into watches and loves hoarding all different types of watches in their wardrobe, you may find this article to be of great use because we will be enlightening you about 5 different types of watches that vary in their features as well as the looks.

Keep on reading to know about them.

Dress watches

As the name suggests, this type of watch is something you wouldn’t want to wear just casually. Instead, it is a type of watch that is an ideal choice to be worn during formal or business-related things. It is the simplest and the most elegant watch out of the whole lot and tends to go well with formal attire like jackets, suits, blazers, etc. because of its minimalistic and fuss-free designing. The dial of this watch shouldn’t have any kind of dazzle or bling to it; it should be ridden of any kind of ornaments for an appropriate formal look.

Casual watches

Contrary to dress watches, this type of watch has nothing to do with anything dressier occasion or event. In fact, this is a type of watch that is designed for everyday use and also for the people who don’t require much from the watches. You may find these types of watches to be the most common in terms of style, and that’s because of their affordability and super simple design. Just in case you are planning to buy this watch, don’t expect much out it as these watches don’t have anything that can make it look elegant or make you stand out amongst the whole.

Fashion watches

Now before you start wondering what fashion watches are, we would like to tell you that these watches are produced by a brand that does not specialize in making watches or hold a horological history. They just introduce a few exclusive pieces in the name of fashion with the brand logo. And not all the brands are expensive; some of the brands are also pretty affordable, offering both style and features. These types of watches mainly focus on aesthetic and self-branding. Wearing such watches with your outfit instantly adds a statement to the look.

Luxury watches

There is a very fine difference between luxury watches and fashion watches. Like we mentioned before, fashion watches brands do not specialize in watchmaking, whereas luxury watches involve companies that specialize in watchmaking and have a long history in its making. These watches are designed using high-end movements and also make the use of some precious elements and jewels like gold, diamonds, spring, and tiny gears, etc. These watches are sold in an exclusive retail setting and are made in limited numbers.

Touchscreen watches

Your phones are not the only thing that is getting smarter and more advanced each passing day; watches have also joined the league and are no far in terms of having a phone like features. Touchscreen watches are the perfect example of this type of watch that offers more features than they could fit into the screen. The touchscreen feature makes the navigation process smooth, making the functioning of the watch easier. The apple watch is the perfect example of this type, which offers both functionality and style.

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