Makeup is one of the most powerful tools any woman could possess and when it comes to naming all the products that fall under makeup then the list would be never-ending. While each makeup has its own importance and value but there are a few which we woman certainly cannot do without. One such product besides mascara is a highlighter which is a literal lifesaver for many girls. If there’s anything that can give your face a healthy, beautiful glow in just a matter of a few seconds then it has to be a highlighter. But for it to work wonderfully for you, you must apply the highlighter the right way. No matter how good of a highlighter you have purchased, but if you don’t know the right application then it’s good for nothing.
Much like many other products, highlighters also come in many different formulations, from powder highlighters to creamy highlighters; every highlighter has a different formula that should be applied accordingly. To make sure that your skin looks glowing and beautiful and not garish, go through our guide that will be explaining to you about all different types of highlighters.

Powder highlighter

Powder highlighters might just be the right choice for no-makeup makeup look but if not applied the right way then it can look stark because the glitters in this highlighter can be chunky sometimes which can get a little hard to blend on your skin. However, if you are pro at applying a powder highlighter then it can give your face a very beautiful and subtle glow that can be worn on an everyday basis. By taking a fan brush, you can apply the highlighter on your cheekbones and other high points of your face. Just make sure to stroke the brush very lightly so that you don’t go overboard with the highlighter. You can always apply a bit more if you aren’t satisfied with the way it looks. 

Cream highlighters

For all those dressy and fancy occasions where you want to look your glamorous best, this highlighter can be your safest bet. Its creamy formula is very pigmented which gives your face a very bold and flawless glow that is just the right way to work up that glam and fancy look of yours. The best way to apply this highlighter is by using your fingers as it will help in giving you an incredibly seamless and flawless finish. 

Stick highlighters

These highlighters are the most convenient to carry in your bags which can come to your ultimate use when your face feels too tired, dull and lackluster. Just pick up this highlighter and apply it on your high points to provide your face with a natural and subtle glow. This highlighter can prove to be super handy when you are in urgent need of giving your face a boost. Before you apply the highlighter on any part of your face, make sure that you have powdered all the areas to ensure that the highlighter stays in place for long and shows better on your skin. You can blend the product using your fingers or makeup sponge. 

Liquid highlighters

Much like cream highlighters, liquid highlighters are also used particularly on days when you are looking to create a full glam face. To intensifies things a bit and add more drama to your look, you can safely rely on liquid highlighters to do the job for you. Not only it can be used after completing your makeup but it can also be used before you start with your makeup. Yes, you heard it right! After you are done applying primer on your face, you can apply a liquid highlighter in dotted form all over your face and then blend it nicely using a makeup sponge, brush or fingers. This will be followed by the rest of your makeup including foundation, concealer, setting powder and all other things that you use. This will help to give your face a soft, dewy and extremely glowing appearance. 

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