Lesser-known uses of mascara

Lesser-known uses of mascara

While we have so many products in our makeup bag to be thankful for, there’s this one product that no makeup-junkie can get enough of and it’s none other than mascara. Every girl dreams of having those fuller and luscious eyelashes, but not everyone is fortunate enough to be blessed with naturally darker and fluttery eyelashes. This is when mascara comes to save our day and make our eyelashes look dreamy in no freaking time. Mascara is certainly a staple and it holds very much importance in almost every girl’s life, but have you ever looked at this product beyond its capability? If not, then now is the time. Mascara comes with many hidden talents, which can change your beauty game like crazy. Much like any other product that you have in your makeup arsenal, mascara holds an amazing ability to be used in so many other fantastic ways.
We have listed some of the lesser-known uses of mascara that will surely leave you surprised.

Brush your lashes

You may have emptied and gotten rid of quite a number of mascara bottles by now, but not anymore. We are not telling you to stock those empty bottles, just keep one of those empty ones with you and make sure its wand is in a good condition because it is the one that you will be using. When you apply mascara on your eyelashes, the clumps created on the lashes can look frustrating. However, there’s a way you can get rid of those clumps. After you are done applying mascara on your eyelashes, take a clean mascara wand and use it to brush your lashes, this will help to get rid of extra product and all the clumps. Additionally, you can also choose to brush your lashes before applying the mascara to make them look neat and tamed.

Tame your brows

Your brows are one of the most prominent features on your face and one of the best ways to make them work favorably for your look is to keep them brushed and tamed. And if you happen to run out of your brow pencil or the gel, there’s a trick you can perform using mascara. You can use this product to comb and tame your brows to keep them looking neat. Additionally, you can also use the same mascara that’s similar in shade to your brows to fill them up and keep them in place. Just make sure to use very light hand movement or else you can end up creating a mess.

Tame your flyaways and conceal your grey hair temporarily

This trick is especially for those who have black hair and if not, then you can easily buy colored mascara. Whether you have to get rid of flyaways or temporarily color your grey hair, mascara has always got your back. Take a mascara wand and lightly run it over the grey strand to conceal it temporarily. Similarly, you can run mascara over your flyaways to make them settle down for some time.

Use it as eyeliner

This can become one of your favorite hacks especially when you have run out of your eyeliner last minute. All you will need is your mascara and an eyeliner brush. Take some product on the brush and use it to create that perfect winged eyeliner. Start by taking a very little product and then gradually build it up to darken its appearance to avoid any kind of mistake.

Nourish your lashes with almond oil

Dreaming of those fluttery, luscious lashes? There’s a way you can get them without using your mascara. You will need an empty bottle of mascara, with both wand and tube properly and thoroughly cleaned to get rid of any product residue. After making sure that they are clean and dry, pour some almond oil in the tube and then use the wand to apply the oil on your lashes effectively.

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