Life saving beauty hacks every girl must know about

Life saving beauty hacks every girl must know about

Beauty hacks are something that every girl should know about because you never know when they can come handy. We girls have always loved the idea of looking perfect but owing to many many mistakes and ignorance that we girls intentionally or unintentionally do can somewhere stop you from achieving that perfect look. There are so many beauty concerns that a lot of girls struggle with and no matter how hard they try, but always fail to achieve the desired outcome. To save you from all the hustle-bustle, we are here to help you out. We have listed a few beauty hacks that you may not have even heard about but once you get to know about them we are sure they will become your easy rescue. So without any further ado, let’s go through some of the lifesaving beauty hacks.

Concealer is your easy rescue to fix smudged makeup

Concealer is truly a blessing in disguise, not only because it helps in giving you a perfect looking flawless skin but also because it can help you hide your makeup mistake and fix them in just a nick of time. A few of the makeup mistakes like coloring outside the lip line can easily stain the area and just in case you don’t have makeup wipes with you, a concealer can prove to be a quick and effective fix. Apply it nicely in that particular area and you will have that perfect looking makeup back in no time. You can also apply this trick for your smudged liner or to define your eyeshadow.

Apply concealer in a triangle shape under your eyes

There’s always the right way of doing things and the similar is in the case of concealer. There’s a correct way of applying it under your eyes in order to make it work perfectly for you. Following this technique can help you in lifting your saggy under-eye bags and also to conceal the dark circles in a more effective way. So instead of dotting the concealer under your eyes, create a triangle shape, for it to work for you.

Create pretty natural waves by flat-ironing your braids

Almost every girl is a big fan of soft and romantic beachy waves and when they can be as easy to create as any easy hairstyle, why not try it for yourself while you can. In order to achieve those natural-looking undone waves, you will just need to heat up your straightener and meanwhile, utilize the time by braiding your hair. Do your hair in a traditional braid and then pass your flat iron over it a few times for this trick to work effectively. Once you are done ironing your hair, let open your braid and you will have gorgeous, natural-looking waves in no time.

Use body lotion as a replacement for anti-frizz cream

Running out of anti-frizz cream can be a nightmare for any girl especially when you have got wild frizzy hair. Anti-frizz cream is one sure way to smoothen out your hair and make it look frizz-free and all tamed up. A great alternative to anti-frizz cream is your hand or body lotion that contains shea butter, glycerin, and coconut oil. These ingredients will make sure your strands look all smooth and shiny as well.

Dip freshly painted nails in ice water to harden it

One great way to harden your freshly painted nails is by dipping them in a bowl containing ice-cold water. It is a very quick and effective way and comes really handy when you are running late but have to run out the door. After you are done applying nail polish, wait for a minute and two and then dip your fingertips in the bowl containing cold water.

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