Lip care tips: How to achieve baby soft and pink lips

Lip care tips: How to achieve baby soft and pink lips

Lips that lack care and attention often end up getting dark, pigmented, and discolored. This negligence never works in favor of anyone, and if you don’t want your lips to become dark or pigmented, it’s best to build a lip care routine and follow it religiously for naturally soft and pink lips. Much like the rest of your skin, your lips need to be cared for and require proper attention in order to keep them healthy and soft. Failing to care for them leads to dark and unappealing lips, which in turn, makes your complexion look dull and sallow. Although lipsticks are there to help you conceal the pigmentation underneath the color of the lipstick, this is just a temporary solution.

Why settle for a temporary solution when you can easily fix this problem with permanent or at least long-lasting results? Getting familiar with a bunch of lip care tips and tricks will help you to even out your lips and make them appear soft and pink. Follow these lip care tips, and you no longer will have to reach for your lipstick every time you have to step out of the house.


Exfoliate your lips regularly

Exfoliation is one of the most important lip care steps. Just like it’s recommended to exfoliate your skin twice a week to make it soft and glowing, exfoliating your lips regularly will help to deliver similar results- soft and pink lips. To be able to exfoliate your lips, you will need a good lip scrub. Massaging the lip scrub over your lips with the help of a toothbrush or a washcloth two times a week will improve the health and appearance of your lips. Scrubbing not only helps to eliminate dead skin cells but also boosts blood circulation in the lips, which leads to pink and bright lips.


Drink plenty of water

Merely keeping your lips hydrated from the outside won’t make much difference to them; you need to keep your body hydrated from the inside as well to achieve the desired results. Lack of internal hydration causes your lips to become dark and pigmented. This is why it’s suggested to drink plenty of water daily in order to keep your skin as well as lips plump and healthy. You should drink 8 to 10 glasses of water every day to keep your lips soft and pink.


Keep moisturizing your lips

Moisturizing is extremely crucial when it comes to keeping your lips baby soft and healthy. Failing to moisturize your lips every few hours leads to dry, flaky, and pigmented lips. Therefore, you should keep moisturizing your lips every few hours with a conditioning and moisturizing lip balm. Applying the lip balm every day will not only keep dryness and flakiness at bay but will also keep your lips soft and healthy.


Use a lip primer

Lipsticks are not really your best friends, they can turn out to be your lips’ one of the worst enemies considering some of them are formulated with chemicals, and chemicals never are good news. We are in no way asking you to stop wearing lipsticks, but there’s a way you can protect your lips from harmful chemicals in the lipsticks and prevent them from making your lips dark and pigmented. You can apply a lip primer before wearing any lipstick on your lips; the primer will form a protective layer between the lipstick and your lips, keeping them safe from chemicals.


Wear sun protection

Your lips need as much sun protection as your skin needs. Failing to wear sun protection leaves your lips exposed to damaging UV rays, which in turn, turns your lips dark and pigmented. One of the best ways to protect your lips from damaging sun rays is by applying SPF-enriched lip balm on your lips. This lip balm will not only offer protection against the sun but will also keep your lips well moisturized.

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