Although the 20s are the most crucial time in every girl’s life as it lets you have a different perspective on certain things, there also comes the time when you have to make certain life-changing decisions to keep the pace smooth, which also includes updating your wardrobe. The 20s are possibly the best time to identify your personal style and make a few additions to your closet that perfectly suits your personality and taste. But as you reach 30, you ought to get rid of a few things from your wardrobe that you have been dearly holding onto for years and replace them with pieces that are more you and look more appropriate to be worn in your 30s. While nobody should tell you what to wear and what not to wear, making a little upgrade to your wardrobe would never hurt as it might be the key to giving yourself some looks that make the 30s look even chicer and forward.
We have rounded up a list of a few fashion items that you should trade from your closet for more befitting finds.

Replace low rise-jeans with wide-leg jeans

Jeans are one of the constant pieces in our wardrobe that comes in whole sorts of iterations and it’s crucial to find them in the best style according to your body so that they can make your silhouette look more flattering. There was a time when it was all about low rise jeans but now the focus has been shifted to wide-leg jeans that look every bit of chic and elegant regardless of how it is styled. Wide-leg jeans provide a more classic silhouette as compared to other styles thereby; you should add these high-waisted, wide-leg jeans in your wardrobe to create some of the chicest looks.

Replace tube tops with camisoles

While we have to agree that tube tops look simply chic whatever way they are carried and do a great job as layering under sheer tops, but if you’re looking to make your outfits look more elevated, then instead of swearing by these tube tops, try adding camisoles under your outfit and this will instantly transform your ensemble from drab to fab. You can keep your tube tops for fewer events but for everyday use, always swear by camisoles.

Buy midi length fashion articles

We aren’t telling you not to wear short length fashion pieces but to create a wardrobe of more multi-functional and multi-occasion pieces, these midi-length fashion articles would prove to be a great addition and a lot more purposeful than any other thing in your wardrobe. No matter the event or the occasion, they will always have your back, unlike short-length dresses, skirts, or shorts.

Suede pumps FTW

The trends for shoes keep evolving every year and season and it’s crucial to have a few shoe styles in your wardrobe that can always come to your rescue when nothing else can. And among all the other styles, suede pumps are a few of the classics that never really go out of fashion and teams up pretty well with almost every outfit. Look for a pair of classic pointed-toe pumps and believe us, they are going to last your forever.

Trade bodycon dress for a backless dress

A well fitted bodycon dress can make anyone look sexy and hot in no time but if you’re willing to be more experimental with your outfit than instead of donning one of your bodycon dresses, try a backless dress as it not only makes you look chicer and sexier but it also turns things up in your favor and adds a certain amount of interest to your ensemble. Look for a cocktail dress with bare-back and high hem and you will certainly be making a few heads turn.

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