No matter if you are winter lover or not, having winter clothes is a basic necessity and need as one cannot do without warm and cozy clothes during such cold weather. And with winter just here it’s high time we start stocking our wardrobes with all the winter stuff and update it with some chic and trendy winter clothing. Speaking of clothes, sweaters are the most essential and quintessential winter clothing piece which can come handy any time of the day or night. The best thing about sweater is it not only serves practicality but also serves as a fashion staple with its different looks and styling. From high neck sweater to oversized sweater, they come in all different types and categories. However, we have listed a few of the sweater styles that caught our attention and are currently being trending and loved for their stylish yet cozy appearance.

Read on to know about them all.

1. Oversized sweater

Oversized sweaters have a separate fan base which we honestly aren’t complaining about. These baggy style sweaters are quite popular for their comfy, warm and chic appearance, which is what makes them one of the must-have winter staples. For all the lazy girls out there who doesn’t like to dress up in those body-hugging sweaters, this oversized piece is just for you which can become your go-to for almost every occasion. You can easily pair these sweaters with your denims, leggings and even a skirt.

2. Turtleneck sweater

You can’t really go wrong with turtleneck sweaters as they are very much in right now owing to their super cozy and stylish appearance. They are a perfect winter piece for girls with double chin as the neck of these sweaters can help you hide that area in the cleverest way. Whether baggy ones or fitted ones, both the styles look equally amazing. You can choose the one that feels the best to you. Style them with your jeans or legging and wear ankle boots with the outfit.

3. Cable knit sweater

Cable knit sweaters are a classic piece that can never really go out of style. These heavily knitted sweaters are stylish, comfy and cozy which keeps you warm during those chilly cold days. However, they are a little bulkier on side owing to their heavy knitting and material but look incredibly amazing on every single person. You can easily layer a thermal wear under it during harsh cold weather just like in January. And when it comes to choosing a color for yourself, you can find a whole lot variety of them. You can have as many of these cute sweaters as you want.

4. Statement sleeved sweater

Who said sweaters were only meant to look regular and boring? Not anymore, when we have sweaters being introduced in all trendier options. Sweaters that come with statement sleeves are one of the hottest trends to follow right now which gives you a chance to look fashionable even if you wearing layers of clothes underneath it. Some styles like bell sleeves, bishop sleeve are very much in trend right now and look Uber cool when styled with jeans. It’s the best way to spruce up your wardrobe with some trendier and chic pieces.

5. Embellished sweater

For days when you feel like dressing up all fancy and chic, this embellished sweater can prove to be your safest bet. They are practical and serve the purpose really well. They will not only keep you warm and cozy but will also provide the right amount of glam factor to your outfit and make you appear occasion ready. Some embellishment like stones, sequins and other decorative pieces works really well here. You can pick the one for yourself that appeals the most to you. Pair them with your black denim and you are set to rock the day.

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