Granting how vast the world of makeup is, it’s quite impossible to get your hands on almost every makeup product available in the market. If the brands weren’t enough, the products also differ in their formulas, finish, and several other factors. Let’s take an example of a foundation, which comes in a whole range of options such as matte foundation, dewy foundation, and luminous foundation. And it’s important to keep switching your foundation according to the weather as well as the occasion. Also, we girls can be pretty moody, one day we want our foundation to look completely matte and the other day we desire for a dewy finish look. Sometimes using the wrong foundation can also be a problem.
Whatever your reason is for creating a dewy finish look using a matte foundation, just know that we have got your back. To help you out with this tricky problem, we have listed a few makeup hacks that will give your matte foundation a super dewy finish, which looks very natural and flawless.

Use a damp makeup sponge

When it comes to applying the foundation, every person has different preferences. While some use their fingers, some others use makeup brushes to apply the foundation. And these two methods can work quite well to make your foundation look seamless and flawless. However, when it comes to achieving a dewy finish, you should always use a damp makeup sponge to apply the foundation on your face. A wet makeup sponge can prove to be a lot more practical choice than other methods as it not only absorbs less makeup but also spreads the product evenly and make it look dewy.

Mix a few drops of face oil with your foundation

Face oils are very beneficial for the overall health and texture of your skin. While they do help to treat a few skin concerns, they also make your skin look glowy and radiant. If you have been working with a matte liquid foundation, then you can easily turn it into a dewy one by mixing a few drops of the oil in the foundation. Take liquid foundation on the back of your hand and add a few drops of the face oil into it. After that, you can apply the foundation on your face and you will notice that it is gliding on your face very easily and doesn’t look greasy at all. Apply the foundation on your neck as well and blend the product nicely to achieve a natural-looking base.

Mix liquid highlighter

This is yet another genius way to turn your matte foundation into a dewy one. Take a few drops of liquid highlighter and mix it with your foundation. While this is one neat little trick, you will have to be careful of the products you are using as both highlighter and foundation should have the same texture or else it’s just a recipe for disaster. This trick will make your face glow from within which looks more natural and flawless. Also, it’s a great hack to make your dry foundation work well for your skin.

Use dewy makeup settings spray

One of the best and easiest ways to make your foundation look dewy is by using a setting spray in the dewy finish. While they do a great job in locking your makeup in place and preventing it from melting off, they also help in making your foundation look super dewy. After you’re done applying your makeup, spritz a setting spray all over your face and you will be good to go. Additionally, this product is super convenient to use and gives you full freedom to use it as per your preference. For instance, you can control how dewy your foundation looks by spraying the product either all over your face or just on particular areas such as cheekbones.

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