Makeup Looks To Try During Thanksgiving

Makeup Looks To Try During Thanksgiving

Fall makeup is so magical that it attracts people to be subtle with their makeup one minute and then get all quirky and edgy the very next minute. Makeup is a roller coaster ride during fall. But now that it has come and Thanksgiving is almost here too, one has to plan how they can make themselves more elegant and sophisticated when they invite family and friends over. So let us have a look at the best overall makeup inspiration for Thanksgiving and fun behind the scenes!
Breaking down 4 makeup looks here for you.
1. The Creative Look

The base of your makeup here goes full glam which means the foundation, concealer, contouring, and highlight will all go smooth and perfect. This would be the most time-consuming part of your makeup routine. Let the bronzing glide smoothly and defined. Next would be your eyes. Here, you will put a bright color of your choice over the lids and then put eyeliner across the upper lashline and the crease creating a wing at the end. The bow bone and inner corner should be shining well. Lashes would be heavy and so would be your lips. Choose a dark shade of lip color.
2. The Kicking Look

A little kick here doesn’t lie in the base rather, it stays simple and sober. The foundation work is the least but still full coverage. The bronzing or contouring has to be done to make cheeks look cheekier with reddish tints. The spark is brought by a bright color all over the eyelids, a wetter eye look would be eye-catchy with its gloss. For the lips, go for a mauve-inspired lipstick that fits just right with your complexion. The lashes would have to be uplifted with mascara. Keep it light and let the natural canvas bring out the eyeshadow color perfectly.
3. The Color Popping Look

The popping look would need you to have clean and clear skin first. Prepare a base that appears like a clean slate. Matching foundation and easy work on the contouring part would take you through. Have fuller feathered lashes that appear darker. Moving on, pick a bright shade of deep pink for the eyelids and prepare a bright deep red lip color for your lips. In this look, your skin would be the clear palette where your eyes and lips will be popping. Some light highlighting of the high points of the face can be done.
4. The Subtle Matter Look

This is a soft look for which more neutral and earthy colors come to work. Have light foundation on over the face and a wetter look is achieved by mixing blush, bronzer, and highlighter well over the cheeks. A cakey face base is a big no here. With the eyebrows done nicely combed, work up some browns on the eyelids to create a brown smokey look. A smudgy mascara-filled lashline would be a great pair. Have a maroon/mauve/pumpkin spice lip tint cover your beautiful lips.
Here you go with some fun, simple, and sparkly makeup looks to get you ready for the fall festive season. You will need to shop for the right makeup products well in advance and would require some practice too. You will have to perfect the foundation and the overall base for a full glam or have to make your hands still enough to make the eyeliner look edgy and bright. In addition to that, a lot of research would go into selecting the right blush and bronzer. So sit tight and decide well what look would be the best for you.

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