There was a time before this lockdown when we used to put on the best makeup and wear the most sophisticated shirt to look our professional best before attending a meeting. And it seems like it is going to take a lot more time for things to go back to normal. In the meantime, online platforms have been proving to be a lifesaver by providing us a means where we can hold such meetings virtually sitting in our living room. While we understand that this whole lockdown thing may have gotten the best out of our laziness but this simply doesn’t mean that you will compromise the way you look. While there’s no need to go extra and do a full face makeup, but the least you can do to make yourself look more presentable and professional is by following a few makeup tips that will ensure to make you look your best with zero to minimal efforts involved.

Don’t go overboard, stick with basics

While we understand that you have plenty of time before the meeting begins but that doesn’t mean you will put on a glittery eyeshadow or color your cheeks with extra blush. As tempted as you may feel to do full face makeup, it would be great if you completely skip that part, save yourself from that hassle and just stick with the basics. Something as little as a coat of mascara, filled-in brows, neutral-colored lips, and a little bit of highlighter will do the job perfectly and make you look like a fresh daisy in no time.

Keep the base light

Like we said, there is no use of going overboard with your makeup; it will be a complete waste of time as at the end of the day, you will have to stay at your place eventually with nowhere else to go. Save yourself from that trouble and keep your base light. You can either look for a tinted moisturizer or a CC cream as it nicely conceals the problematic areas and also provides even-tone skin. To make your face look more flawless and brightening, you can apply a brightening concealer on your under-eye area as well as blemishes.

Opt for lighter shades

Back in the normal days, you may use to wear bright and bold shades for lipsticks, eyeshadows as well as kohl or eyeliner but now that things are not the same actually and you will be on a video call where such things can look too loud, we would suggest applying lighter shades instead of brighter ones. Instead of applying your typical black eyeliner, apply a brown or grey shade as it will provide a much softer look. Similarly, switch your lipstick and eyeshadow with lighter shades.

Use tinted lip balms

Lipstick is the most important part of a complete makeup look, just one swap on the lips and it can completely transform the way you look. As much as you would like to wear your favorite matte lipstick, it can appear too dry on camera. Similarly, lip gloss can make your lips look shiny and also, applying dark lipsticks is not a good idea, no matter how tempted you are. Instead of opting for your lipstick, apply a tinted lip balm that won’t only add color to your lips but will also keep them soft and hydrated.

Face the natural light

When you click pictures or shoot videos, you always try to position yourself in a place where the natural light will hit your face in the best way possible. Great natural lighting is the key to making yourself look good on camera. Look for a spot in your house, where natural light enters in abundance. Place your laptop in front of it during the meeting and let the natural light hit your face which will instantly make you look a lot brighter and glowy.

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