Mascara hacks you didn’t know about

Mascara hacks you didn’t know about

Mascara is undoubtedly one of the most important makeup products to have in every women’s vanity. Call it a blessing or anything you would like to call it; mascara is indeed one of those products you certainly cannot do without. It is especially a blessing for girls who have got really light and sparse eyelashes. Getting those big, luscious and fuller eyelashes isn’t a problem anymore when you have got mascara by your side. Mascara is a perfect and effective way of enhancing the look of your eyes as well as your overall appearance. It literally makes your eyes look bigger and attractive and which is why almost every single woman swears by this one makeup product. However, when it comes to applying mascara, we know it isn’t easy, especially if you are a beginner. Some mistakes are bound to happen, and sometimes it also happens with people who are pro when it comes to mascara. We have found some amazing tips and tricks that will help you in achieving those fuller, luscious lashes in the most amazing way that, too, without spending a hefty sum of money.

Keep on reading to know about them.

Use a lash primer

One of the best ways to make your mascara work effectively is to apply a lash primer first. This preconditioning formula of the primer allows your mascara to stay on the lashes for a longer duration. It basically conditions your lashes and also prevents your lashes from flaking, smudging, and also makes the lashes more voluminous and lengthened. So in order to make the best out of your mascara, applying a lash primer onto your lashes will do the trick for you.

Do not pump your mascara.

For the sake of your makeup, it’s highly advisable not to pump your mascara. For all those people who often complain of their mascara tubes, getting dry with a crazy speed should know that shoving your wand in and out in order to get the product on the bristles is a big no-no. A fresh tube of mascara is usually known to last for about 3 months; however, if you take the product out in a similar fashion, then you have been doing it wrong all this while. Doing so produces the air in the tube, and your mascara starts to become dry earlier than anticipated. Just changing this little habit will help you in saving a hefty sum of money throughout the years.

Wiggle and roll

As long as you are applying the mascara the right way, no one can stop you from rocking those big luscious lashes. However, most of us girls struggle with applying mascara using the right technique. In order to make sure your mascara is working effectively on your lashes it’s important to do it using the right technique and that is by using the wiggle and roll method. Basically, using a wand, you start wiggling it at the roots of your lashes and slowly start working your way up towards the tips of your lashes. This way, your mascara will spread evenly onto your longer as well as the shorter eyelashes. Doing so will give your lashes a fuller and flutter appearance.

Apply thin layers of mascara

Instead of applying truckloads of mascara onto your lashes at once, it’s suggested to do it by starting with thin layers. Applying two-three layers of mascara on to the lashes work more effectively than quickly hefted one. It will also ensure your mascara stays on for longer and it also gives your lashes a better appearance. Applying thin layers of mascara will also give your lashes a boost and make them appear voluminous, longer, and uplifted.

Use the translucent powder trick.

Another amazing and effective way of making your lashes appear thicker is to apply a translucent powder prior to using mascara. This is a tried and tested method which a lot of bloggers and celebrities rely upon. It thickens your lashes two to three times than your original size; however, it is not known to work well when the lengthening effect is concerned.

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