A mask has become an essential these days. You can’t dare to step out without wearing a mask. But, does that stops you from wearing your favorite makeup products? Of course, not! We can give the heavy base a ditch and let our skin breathe but surely we can rock our mask look by just focusing and accentuating the high points of our face basically eyes and brows.
In the feed, we have compiled for you the mask makeup look. And, to achieve this look you’ll need just 5 products. The half face makeup look is a challenge and some of you might give it a skip but even if you’re wearing mask showing your half face still we want you to look presentable. So, just gather these products, and let’s get started!
• Tinted Moisturizer/ BB Cream
• Eyeliner
• Highlighter
• Mascara
• Eyebrow Pencil/ Pomades

Tinted Moisturizer/ BB Cream

If you think it would be unnecessary to wear heavy bases under a mask you’re absolutely wrong. To start the mask makeup look apply a tinted moisturizer or BB cream that offers both hydration and light-weight coverage. Apply it to your full face and blend it properly.
Remember the key to rock the mask makeup look is to use formulas that aren’t sticky so that they won’t cling to the mask and would be long-lasting!
Optional: if you feel to cover your eye bags you can apply concealer underneath but that’s totally optional.



The next important part of your half face is eyebrows. We all know eyebrows are a very important part of your face and can really break or make your makeup look. So, don’t forget to nicely trim and fill your brows. Don’t forget the brows would be visible even if you’re wearing a mask hence you can’t miss!
Use your eyebrow pencil or pomade whatever you like to fill your brows with and in light strokes fill up your brows. Make sure you’re not overfilling them.

Winged Eyeliner

Next to just experiment a bit with your look, you can try out creating winged eyeliner. Winged eyeliner is our pick because it can flatter any eye shape and renders a dramatic look even without doing much. To really make your eyes the standout portion of your overall half look, try creating winged eyeliner. Grab your liquid eyeliner or pen eyeliner and just wing it out!
It’s no compulsion to create winged eyeliner. If you want you can wear eyeliner as you want.


If the look is all about defining our eyes how can we forget our absolute fave mascara? Mascara will define your eyes and will really pop out your eyes giving a glimpse of bigger ones. So, don’t forget that.
Grab your waterproof version because we want everything in the mask makeup look to be long-lasting and apply two coats of it onto your lashes.
Even if we haven’t mentioned but you can’t forget to curl your lashes before.


Even masks cannot stop us from mimicking our glow game strong! Grab your favorite highlighter and apply to the bridge of your nose, inner corners of the eye, forehead, the eyebrows, and on the apple of your cheeks. Highlighter is an important part of half makeup look as it will really help in defining your features and will add dimension to the brows.
Optional: if you feel you can even apply blush to the apple of checks. Since you’ll be wearing a mask we didn’t feel the need to mention a blush but if you like you’re totally free to apply that.

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