Layering is something that can be as easy as anything for some, and some really find it difficult to get the hang of it. Achieving that chic and stylish look without looking bulky is not as difficult as it may sound. With some knowledge and getting the hang of layers, you can easily make yourself look flattering in no time, even if you are wearing more than just one layer. The trick is to work them the right way, and nobody can stop you from rocking your fall/winter outfit. If you are someone like many of us who often struggle with the layering part, then you have come to the right place. Whether wanting to layer your dress, your top, or any other clothing piece, we are here to help make layering possible for you.

We have listed some really stylish ways of layering your clothes that will make sure you look no less than a celebrity. Read on to know about them.

Go monochromatic way

Creating a monochromatic look comes with its own set of advantages. It not only looks very polished but also helps in giving your body frame a very flattering appearance. It is safely the easiest way of doing layers during the fall/winter season. Sticking to just one color palette with different hues is the trick to get the monochromatic look right. As long as you are sticking to just one color, nothing can make you go wrong with layering. No matter what the color palette is, just be sure you are using hues from that particular family only to create a streamlined look. Now layer your jeans and sweater with anything of your choice like a coat, blazer, cardigan stole, etc. You can also create a double layer by wearing a cardigan or blazer underneath your coat.

Wear a sweatshirt underneath your dress

Wearing dresses during winters can become a little difficult but definitely not impossible. While turtleneck, crew neck t-shirt is already being used as a layer under the dresses, so why not take the fashion game up by wearing sweatshirts as a layer as well. For all your favorite dresses, that are either sleeveless or have a low plunging neckline, a sweatshirt can prove to be your best friend to be layered under your dresses during winters. As it will not only keep you warm but will also help in creating a sporty look. You can further layer it up with a trench coat and by sporting sneakers with the look.

Play with your denim jacket

A denim jacket is something that the majority of us girls own, and it is undoubtedly one of the best layering pieces to experiment with this season. Perfect to create a street style look; you can use this jacket layered underneath your coat in quite a stylish way. One way is to don it by buttoning it all the way up with a turtleneck layered underneath it. Carry an oversized coat over your shoulders in cape style to finish off the look. Another great way is to keep the buttons open and then layer it with a maxi coat. Doing it, either way will keep you looking all chic and stylish.

Treat your dress as a top.

Wearing your dress as a top is quite a fresh and new take on layering. This style is something that almost every street style bloggers are experimenting with. And quite honestly, this style looks no less worthy than any of the ongoing trends. Layering your dress in this particular style helps in creating a very interesting look while allowing you to make use of almost every single piece available in your wardrobe like your dresses, tops, jeans, coats, etc. You can work up this look with both mini and maxi dresses.

Adding a scarf serves as a cherry on top.

Accessorizing your look always helps in elevating the overall appeal of the outfit regardless of what piece you are carrying. Especially when it comes to some chunky pieces like scarves, which is a perfect way to enhance your look and make it look complete from every possible angle. Besides being super stylish, scarves also help in protecting your neck and face from harsh winter weather. You can wear scarves in many different ways, either tie it around your neck or just throw it over your shoulders.

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