If you do not like using full-coverage makeup products because they feel heavy and too much on the face, then a no-makeup look is your thing. Although it takes much more effort than your usual makeup look, it is still totally worth it. This no-makeup look can be curated easily if you know some ground rules to it. The following are the key points in order to create the perfect no-makeup look. Have a look and flaunt this one in your own way!

Use a tinted moisturizer

The best way to pull off a no-makeup makeup look is to use a tinted moisturizer. This iconic cream would be a savior for you because of multiple benefits. Firstly, since it is a moisturizer, it will keep your skin hydrated and secondly, the tint will add a certain texture to your face. It will look like there is something on your face but not exactly what it is. This kind of tint is actually the best way to allow your skin to show through it. It covers the blemishes as much required and keeps the overall look very natural. Tinted moisturizers are super light and airy, so you must pick one right away.

Never forget to prime your face

The second thing you ought to do in this process of no-makeup look is to use a primer, without fail. One might skip a primer in order to avoid layers of makeup but the truth is that this is not actually a part of that cakey makeup layers. This is actually a layer of protection for the skin. It is imperative to use a primer because it not only makes your makeup last but also becomes a shield to stop makeup from getting into the pores. Thus, priming your face is a must and there should be no second thoughts about it. Pick a radiant base for yourself that adds glow to your face and boosts your skin’s liveliness too.

Correcting & Concealing

Next up, the two most important C’s! Correcting your blemishes the right way according to your skin tone is imperative. It helps to achieve those flawless skin goals very easily. You can use color correctors of different kinds according to the problem you are facing. On the other hand, Concealing is also important because it covers all your acne, zits as well as scars perfectly. Go for a pick full-coverage and hydrating concealer that can cover all your problem areas successfully. This is the best way to create an illusion of radiant skin. Just dab a few spots here and there and blend them with your fingers gently.

Focus on your brows & eyes

The next important thing that you must do for a no-makeup look is defining your eyebrows and adding kohl to your eyes. This might look like something that is not imperative but if you believe us, it creates a hell lot of a difference. The trick is to highlight those parts of your face that are minor. Highlighting your brows, eyes, lips, and cheeks is foremost for every kind of makeup. They make you look much more beautiful and that’s why you must use a brow gel or pencil in order to create a flawless makeup look. Use a liner or kohl to add a dash of black tint to your eyes.

Pick a cream blush

The next thing in line is to add a tint of blush to your cheeks. This is done in order to make your smile look much more pretty. The idea behind using a pink blush on a no-makeup face is to add a natural glow to the cheeks. This is a great idea for all those who want to add a natural highlight and pink tint to their faces. This works magically because when you smile and your cheeks lift up, this adds to the overall look and you feel even more confident about yourself. This cream blush is one of the best things ever because it will stay on for a long time and add to the overall glowing look. For the night time, you can pick a highlighter along.

Pop of color on the lips

For the final touch, pick a nice tint for your lips and smile beautifully. You cannot skip your lips no matter where you go. It is important to define them with a pencil first and then add a tint of color. It doesn’t matter whether you choose a matte range, glossy shades or just tints. You must add something to your lips because they will highlight the overall look of your face like none other. For fine-textured lips, simply use a gloss with a pink effect to it. This will feel light on the lips and can also be re-applied after a few hours.


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