Our face is the most delicate part of our body and needs a lot of care. If that is not done wisely, it can cause some permanent damage that is hard to undo. Since we all crave glowing and refreshed skin, we end up using creams that are just chemicals and thus, wreck the skin. But as dermatologists recommend, one should skip the chemical creams and start investing in homemade or natural products. One should try and curate some natural masks that will not only provide glowing skin but also combat any skin issues that you are dealing with. Look out for these face masks that have been tried and tested to provide magical results in no time!

Avocado Mask

One of the most important things that we consume for good health is Avocado. The benefits of consuming or applying avocado to your face are multi-fold. With a lot of health benefits as well as skin benefits, this one is on the top of our list. If you look at it from the point of view of glowing skin, then this has the potential to do justice to that. It has moisturizing properties as well as inflammation of acne and pimples. Each one of us craves a healthy and fresh-looking skin but fail to work hard for it. With avocado, you can literally do wonders for your skin. Take one ripe avocado with lemon juice and egg white to exfoliate the skin on alternate days. This will eventually balance your oily skin and also provide good hydration for your dry skin. This mask also reduces the appearance of wrinkles and gives strength to your hair.

Honey Mask

One of the most loved foods is honey and we use it on a regular basis. But little does everyone know that honey has a lot of other magical benefits as well. Hands down, this is one of the most versatile ingredients ever. It can be mixed with a lot of other things to curate the perfect mask for your glowing skin. If you are looking for a honey mask mainly, then this must be used with lemon juice for desired results. Honey is used when you want to treat acne scars and blemishes on your face. Because of so much dust and impurities in the air outside, our skin reacts to it and becomes prone to pimples and acne. But with honey at your rescue, you won’t have to deal with all this anymore. Use this honey mask on your face for about 30 minutes and see magical results in the first go!

Tomato & Cucumber mask

Many of you must be already aware of this one. A tried and tested method that it is, you must trust this one if nothing else. Tomatoes have been known to reduce the appearance of large pores on the skin and work best for sensitive skin. The liquid also works in favor of aging skin. Cucumber on the other hand also soothes the skin like nothing else. Both these things have the ability to create healthy-looking skin and make you glow all the way. A combined mask of these two ingredients is truly a bliss. Use the liquid of both of them with lemon juice and apply it regularly and religiously for the best results. You will spot a noticeable difference in a couple of applications itself.

Aloe vera mask

Out of all the things ever curated, aloe vera has been everyone’s first pick when it comes to the face. There are so many options and diverse masks when it comes to Aloe vera. It suits every skin type and can be mixed with a lot of other ingredients to combat issues. Aloe vera is a great toner, primer, moisturizer and also deals with acne and blemishes in its own magical way. If you are planning to use an aloe vera mask, you have made the right decision. Pick two tablespoons of aloe vera along with almond oil and add mashed banana to it. Banana adds hydration to the skin so it is a wise choice for sure. With this mixture of aloe vera and almond oil, you are actually pampering your skin and making way for glowing skin naturally.

Coffee mask

Surprised to see this one on the list? Well, we must tell you that as good as it tastes, coffee has a lot of skin benefits as well. It has the ability to reduce dark spots on the face and dark circles under the eyes. If you have dry and flaky skin, then this one will help you combat that and provide the needed moisturization and hydration to the skin. Coffee also reduces inflammation and removes dead cells, thus giving way to a bright and lively complexion. Use this coffee mask along with turmeric and yogurt for the best results. Right after the first application, you are bound to spot glowing skin for yourself.

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