Natural Ingredients To Keep Your Skin Healthy In Summer

Natural Ingredients To Keep Your Skin Healthy In Summer

As warmer season upon us the blazing weather can take a toll on our skin. You need more than your CTM routine to keep your skin looking fresh and healthy. Our skin doesn’t have cordial relations with this weather and maybe that’s why it shows up with a fair share of problems that are just awful. With so many products that claim to do your skin, a world of good but nothing seems to work, right?
Why not dig out your kitchen shelves for some real magical products that are tough on your skin problems and light on your pocket. We feel the best ingredients for any skin are the ones that not only hydrate and rejuvenate your skin but also prove to be a great aid in dealing with a hell lot of problems from suntan, excessive sebum production, to acne and acne spots. What say?
Who all doesn’t love DIY skincare masks? So, here we have scooped out a bunch of natural ingredients that you can use in your next DIY masks. And you can tweak up these ingredients bit by bit so that you can figure out what works best for you. But, remember to be a little patient with results!


We don’t think any warm-season would have been complete without this. Exploring your social media you must have come across the pictures of girls putting the cucumber slices onto their eyes. Well, it’s not any social media stunt or an influencer gimmick, but this product actually lives up to all that hype. The cooling and hydrating properties of cucumber make it a great toner for your skin in summer. Just gently rub a few slices of cucumber onto your skin and let the skin soak up the juice before you rinse your face. This will keep all itchy problems at a bay.


This magical spice is great for your skin. Turmeric’s antibacterial and healing properties make it a great natural ingredient for acne-prone skin. You can add a pinch of turmeric to any of your skincare masks to increase its efficiency and give the acne-causing bacteria a tough tussle. Besides, a savior for acne-prone skin it’s even great for uneven skin tone.
For your Turmeric DIY mask, you have to follow just a few simple steps and you’re ready with an effective mask to be applied. Mix one tablespoon of curd and a pinch of turmeric and apply it to your face. Leave it for about 15 minutes and rinse it off. In any case, if you feel reluctant to use curd, you can replace it with anything that suits you.

Green Tea-:

Who all doesn’t love to wake up with a healthy sip of Green Tea? Besides all the health benefits to your body, Green Tea is loaded with many skin benefits too. So, next time you take a sip don’t throw your tea bags as you can use them in your skincare DIYs.
Green Tea is a rich source of Polyphenols- A very powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. It protects your skin from sun damage, free radicals, and replenishes your skin cells. Just scrub the wet tea granules onto your face or use the green tea water to rinse your face, either way, it will work like a magic.

Fuller’s Earth-

If summer brings an oil tank to your skin, with all-time shining T-zone fuller earth is a real savior. This product works every time so a summer weekly session and no fuller mask, we think you just skipped on the actual summer-vibe. A couple of skincare benefits are it sucks out the excess sebum production, smoothens the rough texture of your skin, and detoxifies your skin. Many oily skin beauties swear by this ingredient.

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