Natural Patterns That are Popular in Clothing

Natural Patterns That are Popular in Clothing

Natural Patterns That are Popular in Clothing


Natural patterns and designs have been around for eternity. They have been prolifically used in clothing design because of their undying beauty and evergreen relevance. It is universally adored and is adapted in multiplicity to make more complex designs. With such a great scope of designs, one can’t deny but adore such patterns for they bring an element of freshness. So let us see what popular natural patterns keep recurring and some ideas that might move us to a cutesy shopping spree!

Here are some nature-inspired patterns in clothing to watch out for!



  1. Leaf Patterns

Leafy patterns are frequently seen in clothing. Such designs are diverse and are done in different colors, textures, shapes, and sizes to create a beautiful and refreshing canvas. It occurs most vividly when there is more variety in the shades of green. The leaves are an evergreen concept and can be used in different designs or can be embroidered to appear lush. Their impact is sustained and always soothing.

Leaf Patterns

  1. Colorful Foliage Design

A design with multiple floral and leaf patterns done in different colors always appear refreshing. They make such an adorable design that attracts the eyes. The overall tone can be decided upon. If you are looking for more happy colors, the background done in white would be a flattering option. Looking for deeper foliage colors? Go with an earthy background to enhance the depth of the design! The same design can be found in gold against a light, dark, or colorful background for the motif to pop.

Colorful Foliage Design

  1. Designer Fauna

Birdies and other animals that we relate to the holiday season become an easy motif option in our clothing. Embroidery is a very peculiar art that needs the finesse of the human hands and engraving such beautiful shapes is genuinely a work of perfection. Knitted sweaters for our favorite holiday often come with reindeer, snowflakes, and sometimes, animal plushies too! Nature truly is inspiring, and this is why we see so many birds and animals in their full figures in our clothing and other crafts!

designer fauna

  1. Animal Prints

Animal prints have been quite a favorite of many. High-end brands never shy away from experimenting with unique animal prints to showcase in their clothing lines. They are a favorite choice because pairing such clothing pieces is a no-brainer. They come in so many earthy colors that neutral colors can be easily worked with! Such clothes also serve as the main attraction of the outfit. Tiger print, zebra print, jaguar print, giraffe print, cow print, leopard print, snake print, etc. are some recurring prints.

Animal Prints

  1. Fruity Prints

This kind of print is often seen in kids’ clothing for the subtle elements of quirk. Go for that clothing that has your favorite fruits in print or your favorite combination of fruits for a quick smoothie! For the summer season, we get ice cream prints, tangerine, citrus, and even herbs in print of the clothing whereas berries and cookies become a winter pick. The expanse of experimentation is vast and fun-loving. They are colorful and appear sweet and loving. They will always catch the attention of your kids and help in making learning more fun!

Fruity Prints


So these were some of the most commonly found patterns and prints inspired by nature that are included variously in fashion clothing. They are superbly lovely and affable for they pour simplicity in all respects. From extravagant embroideries to simplistic prints, nature has been an active source of inspiration for general patterns and designs in arts and crafts. In clothing too, the natural patterns have been explored so much and embellished often with such intricate details that it is hard to miss.

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