Neon eyeliner tips that will transform your eye makeup game

Neon eyeliner tips that will transform your eye makeup game

Eye makeup is one of the most exciting ways to play around with your looks and make things look a bit spicy and interesting. While a smokey eye look is a bold and stylish way to add a glam touch and some drama to your look, it has started to feel a bit irrelevant or should we say passé now. If you have also gotten tired of sporting a smokey eye look for almost every occasion in order to spice things up in your look, then you need to go through this article.

There’s a life beyond bold and statement-making smokey eye look, your looks could also use a burst of colors, and there’s no better way to add a pop of color to your makeup looks than experimenting with your eye makeup looks. Speaking of which, neon eye makeup is garnering a lot of attention at the moment, it involves the use of bright, vibrant, and electrifying shades that instantly add so much life, character, and charm to the look without having to put in too much effort.

If you have been meaning to give neon eyeliners a try for a while now but couldn’t due to not being confident enough, then the following tips might be able to help you pull off neon eyeliners like a pro.


Don’t worry about the rules

Rules aren’t always meant to be broken but sometimes it’s the best thing to do, especially when it comes to your makeup. If you start worrying about the makeup rules, you won’t be able to expand your horizons and experiment with different trends and styles. Therefore, forget about the rules and experiment with all the eyeliner colors that you have been dying to use since forever. Instead of just using a single neon eyeliner, you can use two different shades to create a look of your choice.


Use an eye primer

Eye primers could actually be of great help when it comes to keeping your eye makeup from looking crinkly and creasy. If you have dry and parched lids, then it’s best to use an eye primer before putting on any eye makeup product on your lids. Since eye primers tend to be much thicker and stickier in texture than other primers, they help hold the eye makeup in a much better way.


Wear it with eyeshadow

One of the best ways to take your eye makeup game to another level is by pairing your neon eyeliner with eyeshadow. There are different ways to rock this pairing, you can either choose two contrasting colors for your eyeshadow and eyeliner or choose the same color for both products. Firstly apply eyeshadow to your lids and then use your eyeliner to add extra oomph and spice to the look.


Add some sparkle to the look

This one is yet another interesting way to jazz up your eye makeup look. If you want to add more drama and glam touch to your eye makeup, then here’s an easy way to do the trick. Once you are done applying your neon eyeliner, make sure to add some sparkle to the look. Instead of adding sparkle to your entire lid, apply it just on the inner corners of your eyes to achieve that drop-dead-gorgeous look. Adding shimmer to the inner corners won’t only make your eyes look wide awake but also brighten them up.


Double the drama

This one is for those who like to be a bit experimental with their makeup looks. Apart from applying neon eyeliner on your upper lash line, you can apply it to your lower lash line as well. You can either apply the same shade on both the lash lines or use the color-block technique.

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