Summer is the best season to wear those stocked flats in your wardrobe. Beating the dust, it’s time to take them out and flaunt in the summer sunshine. Flats have this amazing feature that they go with everything you name. They go well with your long dresses, short skirts, rugged jeans and shorts, beachwear and partywear. They are extremely versatile; even if you’re wearing a casual tee and jeans, just pick a flashy pair of flats and make your move.

If you are the kind who loves flats, then you are going to love the following picks. We’ve listed our favorite styles in flat sandals that look great in summers so effortlessly. They are fashionable and comfortable at the same time! What bliss!


Criss-cross sandals, as the name suggests are a pair of multiple strings attached to each other in a criss-cross pattern. They partly cover the feet and show off skin in a square or rectangular design. The beauty of criss-cross sandals is that even if you’re wearing something very casual, they will immediately add an edge to your look. they are just so attractive that there is no need to do anything else. Criss-cross will look best with your cropped jeans, shorts and skirts. Also when you are planning a beach trip, don’t forget to pack these in your bag. Wear these with a sarong and flaunt it in style!


The rainbow fashion is trending and how! There is no way you can miss out on these. There is so much versatility because of the colors that are present in this style. All the VIBGYOR rainbow colors are splashed on this one so you can pair it up with anything you like. Any color will go with rainbow sandals and instantly brighten up your entire outfit. For a more rock chic look, pick a graphic tee with boyfriend jeans, wear these flats and round sunglasses to finish the look. They will take you places all day with the ultimate comfort.


These flats are threaded with certain beads and stones to give the perfect formal look. Although wearing flats to a formal party is not recommended, but if you feel comfortable in them, no one can stop you. Always wear your style with confidence and it will become a trend. The embellished stones and beads instantly brighten up your feet and look very attractive. Just get yourself a nice pedicure done and nails painted. They are sure to turn heads around because the feet will look just so pretty in them! It’s like wearing ornamental jewelry on your feet. Definitely works!


If you’re planning a vacation any sooner, this is a must-pick. Rope sliders give absolute holiday feels because they are made of a very soft material on the inside. The look is extremely beachy and there is no way you’ll feel uncomfortable in these. If you’re the kind who doesn’t pack too many footwear on a trip, then this is a must pick. It is available in many colors so you can pick your favorite one and match it with everything. Rope sliders are actually made of rope material so they look very unique and chic style. It has a very minimalistic design and perfect for the entire day in summers.


One of our most favorite picks for the season are these pointed-toe flats. With these, you get the best of both worlds. They are flats and also covered from the front and back, so it’s like a ballerina with flat soles. Pick these in leather material for a more elegant look. They have the ability to go with anything and is a staple wardrobe pick. Pointed flats might not be comfortable for those with broader feet but you can always look for a size bigger than your regular one. You definitely don’t want to miss out on this one. There are so many variations in this piece alone like wavy or cut-out brim, leather or faux material.

With so many styles and designs, it is hard to pick just one. But who is even stopping you? No one can have enough footwear collection so go shopping and buy each one of them for every outing!

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