So it’s a pool party which means there will be splashing of water, gulping cocktails and unlimited dance on the floor. Everyone dresses very uniquely for a pool party because it is supposed to be happening. No tight jeans or bodycon dresses. Just let yourself loose, grab a drink and jump in the pool. For such parties, you plan rigorously on what clothes to wear, what accessories to pair and which colors to pick so that you look the most flattering one in the lot. The basic tip is to look for cool summery colors or pastel hues because they are the best picks when it comes to pool parties. They are eye-catching and also bring radiance to your look.

Now have a look at our style guide for pool party outfits and grab them-


No, it’s not something very extravagant or high-end as it sounds. Country chic style is the most casual ad trendy outfit that you flaunt on your beach trips or sunny picnic days. It works best on all these outings so it is a very tried and tested style for pool parties. Very casual and quirky, you can grab a pair of rugged shorts in denim or cotton and pair it with a bikini top or loose tank top. Pool parties are all about wearing cool accessories so grab a Panama hat and put on a trendy necklace to make your move. This one is a staple outfit and never fails to impress!


This one is also called the celebrity outfit. This is because you’ll see celebrities flaunting this style on vacations effortlessly. It’s a three-piece outfit that includes a set of bikini in bright neon hues and a cover-up like kaftan or see-through loose net shrug. Why we are pairing the bikini with a cover-up is because it shows off your body in the most elegant style but also makes you look sexy at a pool party. There is no need to pair it with accessories also because the look is already enough to turn heads around. Put on your strappy sandals and get ready!


Your sarong is already breathing dust in the closet so its time to take it out. It’s a myth that sarongs are only a part of beach-ready apparel. They can be carried stylishly to a pool party too if little effort is put in. Pair your sarong with a sequin bikini and look oh-so-stunning! Carry it in style with a thin gold necklace around the neck and brim hat on your head. Also, do not forget your colored sunglasses for this pool party. You can also let go of the bikini and wear the sarong on shorts and tee outfit. It’s totally your choice of skin display. Either of the looks is meant to slay!


How could we not add this one to the list? It’s best to wear everywhere! Going for a casual lunch, a girls trip, beachside party-everything! You can close your eyes and count on this one. Jump in the pool with this quirky set or you can even lounge on the chair with a drink in your hand and enjoy the vibe. Pick stripes, florals, patterns-anything you like. Even solid plain-color coordination of both upper and bottom will work like wonders. Carry a nice jute tote bag along and espadrille sandals to complete the look.


Frills are never a bad idea for a pool party. Pool parties are supposed to be cool and chic so frills make their way in for obvious reasons. They are able to transform any formal look into something classy and trendy. So pick anything-upper or bottom in frills and you’re done for the party. A nice floral skirt with frills on the hem looks great with a simple tank top. A white-yellow combination looks lovely on a sunny day. You just need to tuck in that tank top in the skirt firmly and put on round sunglasses. Do carry standout statement bag too. This is a fab look!


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