It is sometimes difficult to get the right kinds of clothes that fit you perfectly if you are a petite woman. There are some brands and labels that make clothes that fit perfectly for petite women without them having to alter them or look in some other section. There are so many varieties available now that women under the height of 5’3 can purchase and add to their wardrobe. Get perfectly tailored clothes for you and style yourself up. To help you with this we have created a list of clothes that are trending in the season and that would look great when you wear them. They would elevate your petite silhouette and make you look stunning and fashionable. Give the list below a look.
1: Wide trousers

Trousers are comfy to wear and stylish as well. There are so many ways to style a trouser in any season, event, and way. Being such a versatile piece of clothing, you need to add this to your winter wardrobe. You can go for the wide-leg trousers that are classy and elegant and can be paired with a lot of sweaters and jackets thus allowing you to create a lot of outfits with this one versatile trouser. Make sure that the trousers fit you well and they are not too long for you. Get them altered or get some heels or platform boots to make the length okay.
2: Knit sets

Sweaters are soft and cozy. Knit sweaters are a bit cozier and how about having a knit set where the top and bottom are both made of the same knit material and pattern? This is a must-have in the winter wardrobe. These are cute and stylish and are easy to assemble as you already have your outfit planned and matched. Get the sets that fit you well and elongate your silhouette making you appear taller and chicer.
3: Cropped trenchcoat

Trench coats are a bit in winter and fall. They look great and make your winter outfit stylish and charming. There are long coats but that might make you look shorter than you are and thus it is better to have this new abbreviated trench coat. This is a cropped trenchcoat with the same style and fabric just a coat that would reach your hips. This would look great with jeans or trousers. A classic piece of clothing with a modern twist to it.
4: Sweater vests

Vests are trending a lot this year. You must have seen them in summer and thus you would be seeing them in winter as well. There is a trend of sweater vests both well-fit and oversized. These vests make you look stylish and classy. You can layer them over other sweaters and shirts and can wear them alone with a jacket. Paring them with jeans, trousers, and sweatpants, makes you look stunning.
5: Maxi dresses

This would be a bit shocker but dresses look beautiful when layered. If you are having a dilemma as to what you should wear, you can go with a maxi dress. You can style up one by layering it over a turtleneck, wearing legging or stocking if needed, and layering a coat or jacket over the dress. Add boots to the look. This edgy yet feminine look is super cute and stylish and you can add this new look to your winter collection.

These are some of the trendy fashionable clothes that you can get this season to look absolutely stunning. The list only provides you with the top five articles of clothes that you need to add in your wardrobe this season if you are petite. There are a lot of other clothes that you can get for yourself and work on elevating your collection. Winter and fall are just not about sweaters and jackets but can be stylish seasons, depending on how you style yourself up. Get inspiration, and ideas, be creative and make some stunning outfits for the season.

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