Learning new tips and tricks is the finest part of our everyday gig. But not every revelation needs to be factual and valid. The beauty sphere constantly pervades with various myths that build up many false beliefs and misconceptions.
Indulging in beauty practices and makeup is something we do to enhance the look and create a perfect and flawless appearance. But some myths that we assume to be facts make our beauty game weak and make us look worse. We frame our habitual actions and practices based on these myths and here is when we are actually damaging rather than causing any boon.

The feed will make you question everything you were doing up till now assuming to be apt. We will swap most of the misguiding advice you have heard with the real truths you should know and believe! So, let’s busts some of the false anticipations.

Everyday Makeup is worse for your skin

You must have been given this advice the day you have stepped into the makeup game. But beauties it’s nothing more than a myth spanked on you from ages. A reality check is that it’s not everyday makeup that ruins your skin in fact not removing it properly is the act that harms your skin. If you aim of going to bed after removing all your makeup you just need to take this advice out from your mind.

the skin problems you are going through are not is a result of a bunch of cosmetics you use rather the reason could be something deep layered that we never try to dig. So, loves don’t need to shed the craving of applying your favorite cosmetics daily just make sure you remove it properly and you are good to go.

Moisturizing Creams will not help you with Wrinkles

You always have heard that moisturizing cream only provides hydration to your skin and does nothing more than that. That’s what their name says. But it’s nothing but a myth that you assumed to be true. In reality today moisturizing creams can easily prevent the appearance of wrinkles. You don’t need to buy a separate cream for that and layer up your face unnecessarily. Rather look for moisturizing creams that are infused with UV filters and Antioxidant Vitamins which we assume every moisturizing cream is composed of with these days.

Creams Should Be Applied in Upward Action

You must have gone through hundreds of blogs and influencers telling you the ideal way of massaging products especially creams in the right direction. But to be specific and real there is no such ideal way of applying a cream to your face. No specific ideal motions of hands can give you different results actually in any way you apply the cream it will sink into your skin. So, you need to stop believing in any of these set rules as actually, these don’t make any sense and difference to your skin.

One and All Needs An Eye Cream

You must have been advised to indulge your skincare routine with an eye cream as soon as you step into your 20s. But there is no strong validation to make everyone spend on buying the eye creams. Any product that is rich in antioxidants and vitamins can do wonder to your eye area. And if you are suffering from extreme dry eyelids or constant eye bags, or dark circles then only you should consider buying yourself an eye cream. Otherwise using any cream around the eyes will solve the purpose of hydrating your eyes.

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