Cottagecore, the trendy aesthetic that has taken up social media and is now extremely famous among the youth. But what exactly is this aesthetic? This is a very pleasant, beautiful, visually alluring aesthetic. However, it is more than just viewable. This aesthetic basically is about romanticizing the lifestyle of rural people and the activities they perform in their daily life such as gardening, taking care of animals and, many more. This aesthetic is an escape from the harsh realities. Some people adapt to this lifestyle while others, just the clothing. Let’s take a look at how can you create a look according to this aesthetic. Here are some fashion items you may need to dress in the aesthetic.


Light color scheme

This aesthetic is all about calmness and relaxation therefore the color scheme for this aesthetic is light shades, mainly whites, neutrals, earthy, or pastels. This is all about living in a fairy-tale in some countryside with grace and elegance. This color palette reflects elegance. Light color contrasts with the bright fields in the countryside. Wear whites or earthy clothing to dress in the aesthetic.  


Ruffles and laces

Ruffles and laces are a must. Cottagecore is inspired by the 50s and hence ruffles became a big part of this aesthetic. Wearing ruffled tops or dresses that have ruffed sleeves or the one adorned with lace and embroidery. All this gives out countryside vibes and thus are famous. 


Layering up clothes

Layering up some dress over a sweater or layering up some sweater over a maxi is very common. You can layer up clothes the way you want and are comfortable with. Layering keeps the body warm and cozy during cold weather and creates a very tidy chic look. You can layer several sweaters or upper wears and can complete the look with some cute bottoms. 


Accessories made up of straw

This aesthetic is all about comfort. A comfortable afternoon spent at a farm, having a picnic. Straw hats, strawflower baskets, and picnic baskets are very famous. You can complete your look with some ribbons or flower crowns. Straw hats add to the earthy element of this aesthetic. Get a flower basket and visit the flower field to collect some beautiful flowers.



The most used patterns in this aesthetic are strips or checks. They are used to make several sweaters or shirts. These patterns when paired with earthy colors are the vibe for this category. Floral patterns are also great and popular. These patterns are used in making several dresses with or without ruffles, dresses of lengths. These patterns stated are also used in the leaking of certain table clothes or even handkerchiefs. Patterns are a must in cottagecore.



Forget those high heels or those sandals you adorn the most and say hello to boots. This is all about country-style lifestyle and what is more country style than a pair of brown, sturdy boots. These boots can be paired up with any flowy long dress or shorts and also with jeans and denim. These boots can be paired with any clothing and are comfortable to move in. 


Dresses with soft light fabric

This is the most famous way of styling in this aesthetic. This aesthetic is all about grace and elegance and comfort and calmness. These all aspects are easily fulfilled by the flowy dresses. These are easy to wear and move around. This is representative of this core. You can wear a short flowy dress or a long one, all that matters is what you are comfortable in. This type of clothing is usually made of floral patterns, flowers adorning the dress.

This is a very elegant aesthetic and can be easily created and adopted. This is all about relaxing in the meadows away from the high, fast cities. Living life to the fullest and enjoying every moment of it. You can create the fashion of this core very easily by following the steps given above. Wear a flowy maxi with a picnic or flower basket and enjoy the sunset at a flower field using exceptionally beautifully. Enjoy your time experimenting with this core and wear what you want to and are comfortable in.

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