Pastels have a very calming effect because of the soft hues and serene undertones. We feel very joyous in pastels maybe because of the psychological effect it has on us. Lack of strong chromatic colors makes them appear very soothing. Pastels have been a massive trend this year for their sweet lady-like appearance. They are just everywhere! For street style wear, these neutral colors are mixed with other vibrant or same-toned shades to make the style edgy. Even fashion runways showcased pastels in every other outfit using colors like lavender, petal pink, dusty rose, mint green and sky blue. These colors represent rejuvenation and evoke feelings of being lively. They just fill you with positivity and keep you cool even on the hottest day. There is a reason why our mood is influenced so much by the clothes we wear. So we have rounded up the best pastel-colored outfits to inspire you to buy these colors now!


Step aside from your regular denim and pick trousers in pastels. Yes, we know denim is available in a variety of colors and styles now-frayed, skinny, mom jeans but denim is very streamlined. To look different, you need to feel different. The color ‘mint’ is a fresh color and it’s very easy to dress in it. It’s seen as a very soft and supple outfit. Such colors are perfect for spring and there are a number of ways how you can style it. Wear soothing mint green trousers with a bubblegum pink pullover and a blanket scarf to finish off the look. This one looks very girly and is perfect for sunny days. To add sophistication, pair it with a trench coat.


How we all love to gaze at the soft hues of the sky! What if we tell you that you can wear it? Yes, the sky blue color is so in for the spring season that you can just pick it blindly and not regret it. If you want to look like a boss then this is your definite pick. Nobody wants to wear boring outfits so going monochrome is an obvious choice. This one will give you a unique style without looking like you’re dressed in something odd. Pick a coordinated set of blazer and pants in this pretty pastel shade and slay like anything! For a casual outing, wear your sneakers with it. For a formal outing, don’t shy away from wearing heels. Feel super stylish!


Pink is always pretty and shades of lavender are always attractive. So if you pair these together, god knows what impact it can create! Pretty shades of pink and lavender are a step away from mainstream outfits to look ultra-fashionable. A nice coral pink long coat over a pale lavender outfit c& vice-versa can do its charm like anything. Though it gives a feminine touch to the outfit, it also emits a powerful attitude to the world. Such kind of soothing colors also keep you cool and in comfort all day. You can always add pearl accessories and gold danglers with this outfit.


From pale butter to bold banana and dandy daffodil, we recommend all these colors to slay this season. Those who love bright colors already love this shade for its jubilance. But those who find it too bright, we have news for you. Yellow is available in muted pastel to mellow down the brightness and create a sophisticated silhouette. Match this pastel color with neutral wardrobe pieces such as beige, white and lilac to add polish to your outfit. You can wear this color when going for shopping, Sunday brunch or even work meetings. Pick anything- a maxi dress, a jumper or a long floaty skirt. Everything looks surprisingly modern in this fresh pineapple shade.


Champagne pink is an incredibly romantic color. It is cheerful in a subtle way so it can be paired with dark colors and create the perfect contrast outfit. Champagne pink is a very girlish color and can be paired with a high-contrast all-black outfit for the ultimate style quotient. It is totally wearable for your workplace and casual weekend outings too. Black and pink are one of the most beautiful fusions in the color spectrum. This trendy style is a fabulous purchase!!

Pastel shades are a winning collection in this transitional season and you should definitely invest in them for the most fabulous attire. There is a pastel piece waiting for you, go and get it!

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