Products to go for the flawless base

Products to go for the flawless base

No matter how hard you try, getting a flawless base is no less than a task. Not feeling cakey, and all those no make-up looks, doesn’t this feel like dream? Here we are to tell you how to get that no-makeup looks base and not feeling cakeyness on your face. You need to achieve the perfect base to create the ideal makeup look you are eagerly going for.

Before going to the start of the process, we would like to ask you to buy the products that are suitable for your skin type. This makes the perfect base and also, these products won’t certainly ruin your face somehow. Hence, here are the products you should include when you want a perfect and flawless base.

Clean the canvas

Facewash – Washing your face is the first and the foremost step before you start applying the makeup. Also, when you are looking for the ideal face wash for yourself, you must consider your skin type first. Yes, it is very important to check on your skin type first. When you look to buy a face, also check the ingredients. You must consider only those facewashes that are safe for your skin and are also paraben-free and cruelty-free. Also, when it comes to washing your face, you must use lukewarm water. Lukewarm water will help the skin to clean itself thoroughly.

It’s a prime time

Now, when you have washed your face, it is time to moisturize. Yes, moisturizing your face is such an important step that you must not skip it, even if you have oily skin as well. Now, once you have applied the moisturizer according to your skin type, it is time to prime. Primer adds a layer that will make your face flawless and also, will provide the perfect and smooth finish to the foundation. Also, if you have some sort of skin issues such as redness, dark circles, etc. then the color correcting primer is just perfect for you.

Let’s not cake the foundation

Obviously, no one wants a cakey foundation look. But do you know how to prevent that? Start with applying the little foundation to your skin. Then step by step start adding more foundation, and just stop when you have achieved the coverage you want. This step is pretty important because it is significant for skin to look like skin (you must find the correct shade of the foundation according to your complexion, else it would worsen the look). Now it is time to blend the foundation with perfection. Apply the foundation on each side of your nose and start dabbing from inside to outside. Also, it is pretty significant to dab and not rub the foundation onto the skin, else it would certainly create a cakey look.

Dark Circles – Conceal to heal

Time to conceal those dark circles and other issues with the concealer. Obviously, the only foundation is not enough to hide those stubborn blemishes and that is why we require the concealer for that. In this step also, you have to dab and if you will rub the concealer, it will remove the foundation and of course, you don’t want that at all. Concealers will basically hide those flaws and give you a perfect look.

Time to bake with translucent powder

The last and the most important step is to bake the concealer and foundation. Translucent powder is there for your help. That silky loose setting powder will make sure that you are creating the perfect finish of your base and it will certainly help you out in maintaining the base for a long go. Hence, it is pretty important to get the perfect translucent powder.

As you have got your basic clear, now you can make your foundation perfect, and also, the flawless base is now easier for you. There are pretty great products to go for when you are learning the basic face base makeup. Also, to make sure that you are getting a longer stay, you must use a setting spray after the makeup is done. Moreover, a pro tip is to use the blender for the perfect finish of the foundation and concealer. Thus, these were some of the products you must go for if you are new to makeup.

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