Boyfriend and girlfriend jeans are a thing and if you love them, then you would love this trend of mom jeans as well. Mom jeans do not mean that they are meant for the moms, they are just as comfortable and cozy as you want them to be. The basic tailoring of mom jeans includes straight legs and a comfortable high waist with a long zipper. Mom jeans make you look taller and is one of the most comfortable silhouettes ever. Here are some gorgeous styles in mom jeans that you will love to flatter for every outing of yours.

Jet Black Mom Jeans

Black and blue are always the most preferred colors when it comes to denim. However, the thing about black is that no matter what happens, this one will never grow old. This timeless color is one of the most desired and stylish tones ever seen. Picking mom jeans in a jet black shade would count as a complete ensemble as it would definitely be a staple wardrobe pick. A blend of sophistication and elegance, black mom jeans go with everything in your closet. It looks effortlessly stylish for all the possible outings that one can think of. You can pair a nice leather jacket with this attire in the same color or contrasting tones for a rock chic look. Pick your high heels along and set out to become the star of the party.

Basic Blue Mom Jeans

A staple piece of clothing that belongs in everyone’s wardrobes is this basic blue denim. Basic blue denim in a mom jeans style is the most gorgeous thing you will ever pick for yourself. The thing about blue denim is that it looks edgy effortlessly. It has that fresh summer feels to it as well as a chic vibe that is great for all your outings. You can literally wear it to your workplace, your casual lunching or even night parties. Pair your fancy blouses along and pick the right accessories. With blue mom jeans, you can pair your long boots in black as well as rust for the ultimate flattering. This is one of the most versatile clothing edits ever made in jeans and thus, instantly upgrades your casual aesthetics.

Acid Wash Mom Jeans

If you are bored from the same old styles in denim, then this acid wash jeans would be your ultimate pick. A pair of acid wash jeans, as the name suggests, creates a balance between a rapper and regular jeans. If you want to add some detailing to your outfit but do not want to overdo it, then this acid wash jeans would be your perfect choice. The appeal of this pair of jeans is absolutely balanced and stunning. It instantly upgrades the entire look of the attire and becomes the talk of the town. There are a lot of options when it comes to styling this mom jeans like picking oversized sweaters, long coats, tank tops, and even basic tees. All of them look flattering and establish a great look for your outings. You can play with lengths and asymmetrical prints to show off the acid wash design.

Ripped Mom Jeans

For all those edgy girl outfits, these ripped mom jeans are a perfect choice. Rather more than perfect. These ripped jeans are tailored in basic colors like blue and black and then this ripped design is added to the basic jeans to add punch to the outfit. You can effortlessly style this one and upgrade basic mom jeans with these ripped jeans. If you do not find something like this in the market, make DIY mom jeans yourself. Pick a regular pair of mom jeans and rip them apart from wherever you like. This is the easiest way to add punk to your look and not having to spend a lot of money too.

Baggy Mom Jeans

Ditch the streamlined jeans and go for a baggy look to add that cool chic vibe to your look. If there is one thing that does justice to comfort and style parallelly, then it would be this pair of baggy mom jeans. Mom jeans are anyhow very comfortable. So, if you pick this baggy style in mom jeans, there is nothing like it. Complete this look with a fitted top in flattering colors to curate the perfect style statement. Add your sneakers to this look and wear your sunglasses to complete the ensemble. Since baggy style jeans can make you look bulky, they are a great option for petite women.

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