It’s needless to say that velvet is a quintessential piece to have in your winter wardrobe. While faux fur pieces hold their own value and importance, but velvet pieces ooze elegance and charm like nobody else. This ’90s fabric piece can be worn any way you like. Be it formal or casual; velvet outfits never fail to make a statement only if done the right way. You can carry it formally as well as casually.

This fabric piece literally holds so much power that it can instantly transform the simplest of outfits and ups the glam quotient of your whole look in a go. Whether dressing it up or dressing it down, velvets can get a little tricky when it comes to teaming it up with other fabrics. However, certain fabrics such as satin, silk go really well with such pieces. From accessories to clothes, velvets can be spotted in almost every single category. With winter officially here, it’s time you start working on your winter wardrobe and add this stunning piece of velvet to it, which you may don’t know but will be of great use to not only keep you warm and stylish but also to keep you high on fashion. Still not convinced? No worries, we have listed some really good reasons for you to add velvet outfits to your winter staple. Keep on reading and then decide for yourself.

It will keep you warm

One of the many reasons and probably the most genuine reason to add this piece to your collection is its warm fabric. The cozy and warm velvet pieces will make sure you stay all toasty and relaxed under the frigid weather. You can sport it underneath your warm jackets and coats to add extra warmth to your body. And if the weather allows you, then you can also sport it solely. Its warm fabric is what makes velvet a bit difficult to wear during summers as it will further heat up your body in that hot scorching summer day.

Comes in many colors

The best thing about velvet is it gives you the freedom to choose a color as per your style and preference. Velvet fabrics come in an array of color options, from classic colors to some bright hues, you can find all sorts of colors in velvet collection. while black is the most classic, highly preferred and everybody’s go-to style but don’t be afraid to go a little bold and experiment with some other colors such as bright red, pink, blue, etc.

Comes in all different categories

Velvet fabric is not only restricted to clothes; you can find it in many varied options. Whether it’s dresses, tops, pants, shoes, bags, and accessories, just say the name velvet, and you will be overwhelmed with all the different options to look for. Adding these velvet collections to your wardrobe is the perfect way of bringing in the winter season as it highly speaks of warm and cozy vibes. You can pair these different pieces with your other winter outfits and rock the day like nobody else.

It can be dressed up both formally as well as casually.

If you thought velvet fabric was only meant to be worn during formal or fancy occasions, then you were absolutely wrong all this while. You can work it up casually, and the trick is to style it in a way that will make for a casual look. For instance, if you want to work up your velvet blazer for a day time look, the trick is to carry it with denim jeans and an elegant blouse. Slip into the blazer and wear some edgy boots with the look and voila you are done with your absolutely effortless look.

Super easy to layer

Just because velvet is winter-appropriate fabric, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be hard to be layered underneath or over different outfits. Even though the fabric is warm, but it has a decent amount of thickness to it, which makes it easier to layer it with different warm pieces. For instance, you can easily team up your velvet shift dress with a turtleneck sweater worn underneath the dress to add extra warmth as well as character to the look. These two together go hand in hand and make for a good outfit. Similarly, you can also wear a nice warm coat over your velvet blouse without any hassle.

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