It’s not always easy or even possible to feel sartorially inspired when it comes to dressing in winter. The idea of wearing the same bulky layers and dark hues all the time can start to get tedious after a while. Comfy sweatpants and puffer jackets are a fail-safe choice when it comes to dressing in winter, but wearing the same pieces every day can feel pretty mundane.

It’s all in the styling, and the right styling can make even the simplest and mundane outfit look chic and elevated. If you think your winter outfits can use some spice and are seeking ways for the same, then you have come to the right place. There are quite a number of ways to liven up your looks that won’t only amp up your outfit but will also boost your mood. From including chic accessories in your look to wearing pretty basics and modern silhouettes, the said ways will completely transform your whole look.


Add a pop of pink to your outfit

The bubblegum pink hue is going to be one of the hottest color trends of spring/summer. This fun, cheerful, and happy color is an excellent way to add a pop of color to your outfit and make it look more elevated and photogenic. There are so many wonderful ways to incorporate this color into your look. Whether in the form of a chic sweater or a cool handbag, the lively hue will instantly add so much life to your look.


Pair your bottoms with a cutout sweater

Another interesting and refreshing way to make your outfit look chic is by pairing your bottoms with cool cutout sweaters. Sweaters are a winter wardrobe staple, but wearing the same knits every winter can start to feel a little boring, so why not add some spice to it? Luckily, sweaters with cool cutouts are trending at the moment. Cutout sweaters are one of the easiest ways to jazz up your outfit. Additionally, sweaters with a cutout silhouette will help in adding a modern touch to all your winter outfits.


Opt for a faux-fur bag

Accessories can make a huge difference to your look, and handbags are one of the best ways to jazz up your look and make your winter outfit appear more stylish and put-together. Adding different textures to your look is an incredible way to add some visual interest to your ensemble. And when it comes to winter outfits, carrying a shearling or faux-fur bag will instantly liven up your look and add a modern touch to your outfit.


Wear logo tights

Tights are an absolute winter essential; they make it so much easier for us to wear dresses and skirts in such cold weather. In addition to offering comforting warmth, tights also help to jazz up your look and make your outfit appear more elevated. But instead of wearing plain and simple tights, you should opt for logo tights. A pair of logo tights will instantly add so much spice to your look without looking extra or out-there.


Wear a statement mesh top

Mesh tops, also popularly known as second-skin tops, are having a major moment in the fashion industry, they are pretty much everywhere. One of the coolest and trendy ways to liven up your winter outfits is by wearing a statement mesh or second-skin top. You can opt for a mesh top in playful and fun prints. Layering the top underneath your outerwear such as cardigans or coats will instantly amp up your outfit while also adding a fun touch to the look.

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