Trends have been a part of the fashion industry for several decades. They allow us to be at the top of our fashion games and make dressing up much easier. It’s no secret that the fashion industry works in a cyclical manner, what comes around will eventually have to go back around at some point. This cyclical movement sometimes also results in trends from past resurrecting themselves and some trends also dating back to many decades. To keep things interesting, many designers take inspiration from the trends of the past that allow them to reinvent those trends in a more forward and current way.
Seeing trends from the past resurging themselves is a great feeling especially for those girls who dearly hold onto their old fashion staples for years. The trends from the 70s, 80s, and, 90s have a major part to play in all the current trends from the past that are making their way into the fashion industry. And if you’re one of those girls who like to hoard fashion items that are long gone out of the trend or you’re planning to raid from your mother or grandmother’s closet, then you are in absolute luck as we have put together a list of some vintage clothing trends that are incredibly popular at the moment.



Scarves are one of those 70s trends that are outshining other hair accessories at the moment. And if you ask us, we will never really get tired of having enough of these hair scarves that look simply amazing; no matter the way you have styled them. Many fashion girls are seen investing in silk scarves that can be worn in multiple ways depending on your overall outfit as well as your personal style. You can either wear them as a hair accessory or tie them around the neck to keep things pretty interesting and funky. Also, many fashion girls are using some of their scarves as a crop top, which quite honestly looks extremely chic when styled the right way.

Knee-high boots

While ankle boots may have become your go-to boot silhouette for both summer and winter, knee-high boots are here to give them a tough competition. Going with the current scenario, the popularity of knee-high boots has skyrocketed, meaning that more and more fashion girls are getting intrigued by the idea of matching their outfits with this chic pair. Whether worn with dresses or jeans, these knee-high boots simply make any outfit look a lot chicer and forward.

Puffy sleeves

All we are seeing right now is the puffy sleeves. This 80s trend is being taken very seriously by both designers and buyers. And why not? Fashion pieces with puffy sleeves are so easy to carry and they always look pretty no matter how you have worn them. You can easily find this trend being incorporated in tops and dresses.


This is yet another one of the 80s trend that is making a strong comeback this year and is also quite popular among the buyers. Although metallics are not as popular as other trends, they still have managed to come out stronger. From metallic tops and dresses to heels and bags, you can find this trend in a whole range of options which is just the perfect way to add a little bling to your outfit.


Mules are arguably one of the hottest trends of the 90s. Going with its easy to wear silhouette, it should come as no surprise that this pair of shoes is one of the most popular trends of the season. Its ability to go well with every other outfit including jeans, skirts, and dresses, make this pair even more versatile and an ultimate wardrobe staple. You can find these mules in a myriad of chic iterations that are sure to add extra flair and urbanity to your look.

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