Rock your Puffer Jacket for the most gorgeous silhouette

Rock your Puffer Jacket for the most gorgeous silhouette

Jackets are literally the most practical pieces of apparel because they are chic and are also full of utility and functionality. There are so many ways in which you can style your jackets and out of them, a fancy puffer jacket is something that will take you everywhere. It has that sense of charm and feminity to it that can never go wrong. It is just one of those mainstream clothes but with so much style and function. If you come to think of it, you can literally style this jacket in a lot of distinct ways and all of them will grab attention everywhere. Think out of the box and pick bright colors, unusual patterns, sporty looks and make this one a go-to for yourself.
Different silhouettes, cuts, and colors that are more wearable than ever are seen in this puffer style. So, you should pick them right away and make a puffer jacket look chic!

A monochromatic outfit

The thing about monochrome outfits is that they never fail to attract or grab attention. They are simply one of the most desired outfits because of such divine elegance and sophistication. If you had to pick something that could define your style and elegance in a jiffy, it would be a monochromatic outfit without any second thoughts. There are so many ways in which you can style this puffer jacket and one of them is to pick a monochromatic outfit underneath. There is literally no effort involved here. Just pick a monochrome outfit in any color you like- bright tones, neutrals, blacks or whites. All of them look flattering and stylish. Then pair a similar colored puffer jacket with this outfit and you are all set to rock this chic look. Whether you’re in the mood for a dress or trousers, just throw on a matching puffer jacket and voila!

A Statement puffer- sequin maybe?

Why dress in boring patterns when you have so many styles to flaunt? If you come to think of it, you’ll get tired styling but the number of prints and patterns won’t end. There is just so much variety in this category and we recommend picking all kinds of bling and sequin too. When we say a statement puffer, it simply means picking something that is different from the rest and is not a mainstream color or style. You can never go wrong with sequins, so we suggest picking a sequin puffer for the most exquisite style. Go really bold and pair two unexpected pieces like a sequin puffer and a bright colored dress along. You can even go for more glittery stuff or a fluffy jacket for that matter. The choice is entirely yours.

Pick a cropped Puffer

Any kind of apparel looks cute in a cropped style and there is a reason for it. When you pair a cropped top or jacket with high waist jeans, you simply accentuate your curves and make yourself look taller. This look along with sneakers or boots is to die for. There is nothing that can beat this one because of such adorable features. So, you should definitely pick a cropped puffer jacket for the ultimate chic style. This cropped jacket can be paired with a lot of things like little black dress and boots, cropped denim, long tunics, and even your shorts. A puffer jacket has all the potential to be chic and that is why we recommend picking high-waisted jeans with a fancy puffer jacket in metallic for gorgeous looks.

Dress in a bright sport look

A bright puffer jacket is something that will make you shine on a bright day. If there is one thing that looks stylish, feminine and badass, it would be this sporty puffer jacket look. There is literally so much love for sports looks and this one is definitely on top. The best way to rock the puffer is to wear it in its true form- sporty style. Wear a puffer with leggings, jeggings, fancy tights, joggers along with boots or sneakers. Spruce up your puffer jacket with kitschy prints, and bold colors so that you are able to flaunt an all sporty look. This will never fail the diva in you and make you look even bold and fierce.

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