Say bye-bye to cakey makeup following these genius tips

Say bye-bye to cakey makeup following these genius tips

Ever encountered a situation where your makeup starts to appear very cakey and unnatural? If yes, then you are not alone. There are so many women out there who have encountered such a terrible situation once in their life. Well, it’s completely understandable as nobody is born professional. Makeup is an art that needs a lot of practice and learning in order to get it right. Makeup mistakes tend to happen especially when you are a beginner or very new to all the makeup things. There are so many makeup mistakes that most of us girls make but one of the most common and disastrous mistakes any girl can do is by applying the makeup in a certain way that can start to give your face a very cakey appearance. There can be a lot of reasons for your makeup to look like this way and some of the most common mistakes are taking too much product at once, not blending the product nicely on your face and many other things. However, these little mistakes can easily be avoided if you take care of certain things. And we are here to enlighten you about them only. Take your mistakes as learning and motivate yourself to achieve a better look the next time.

Below we have mentioned a few tips for you that will keep your makeup from appearing cakey.

Blending is the key

No matter how good of a product you are applying to your face but if you haven’t blended it properly, the end result wouldn’t be what you were wanting to achieve. Blending the product evenly on your face is an extremely crucial step that you cannot miss out on performing. Proper blending ensures your makeup appears very smooth and flawless which further ensures that your face doesn’t appear cakey. Use a damp sponge to perform blending as it will ensure that the makeup has spread evenly on your face. Even though you can also use a brush to apply the makeup, but a damp sponge proves to be more beneficial as it soaks up all the excess products from your face, leaving your skin more smooth and glowing.

Choose light creams over heavy ones

One of the major reasons for your makeup appearing cakey is the usage of heavy creams that leaves your face to look shinier than expected. And which is why it’s important to know what all products are leading to the cakey appearance of your makeup. Applying light creams will be an ideal choice for you as it will not only give your face some hydration but will also give the foundation a soft and healthy base to be applied on. For people who have got healthy skin, can opt for foundations with liquid formulation. While girls, with oily skin texture, can rely on powder foundations as oil present on your face will soak up all the extra powder and will leave you with a very natural-looking skin.

Mid coverage foundations can be your safest bet

Going a little safe with the coverage of foundation is always the best thing to do. While we girls are a big fan of a high coverage foundation that completely hides all the flaws and imperfections present on the face, but these high coverage products can easily make your face to appear very cakey and fake if not applied the right way. If you are not into foundations that provide light coverage then foundations with mid coverage can prove to be the safest bet for you. Going light on coverage will also allow you to use more products.

Make sure to moisturize your skin

One of the most crucial things to do before applying any makeup to your face is to prep your skin with a moisturizer first. Prepping your skin is the most important part of anything that is related to your face. Especially the moisturizer which helps in giving your skin the needed moisture and hydration. It further gives your face a healthy appearance, making it easier for all the makeup products to be applied on. This is especially for girls who have got really dry skin, not applying a moisturizer on your face can easily make your makeup to look very cakey. Much like creams, light moisturizers can prove to be a better choice. Just make sure that your moisturizer doesn’t have oil in it as it can further make the situation worse.

Use blotting paper

When nothing else works, a blotting paper can prove to be a savior for you. It can help you to remove excess oil from the parts of your face that appear shinier and extremely oily. However, they should be used very carefully as one wrong move can push the oil present on your face inside the pores of your skin which further can make the situation worse. Dab the blotting paper very lightly and gently on the required areas to soak all the excess oil from your face.

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