There are a lot of speculations around shapewear and one of them says that only those who wish to look slimmer are supposed to wear it. But that is definitely not the case. Although the primary reason for picking shapewear is to conceal your bulky body parts; it does a lot more than that. From giving your body the shape it needs for wearing a bodycon dress and for supporting your body parts with the right lingerie and fabric, shapewear has literally become imperative. The best thing about shapewear is that it goes unseen and does wonders silently. Here are some of the most used shapewear that you can pick in accordance with your needs.

Shaping briefs

One of the best ways to conceal the fat on your hips and tummy together is to pick these shaping briefs. Briefs and thongs are a part of undergarments and through this shapewear, they have been improvised to make sure that you are able to use them more than just undergarments. A shaping brief is nonetheless a fancy piece with utilization as well. It comes up higher than usual on the torso and thus, is able to conceal the tummy and the hips. Sometimes shaping briefs are also seen going up to the bust to cover all the three body parts. This kind of shapewear will then be a bodysuit and is just the perfect pick for all your bodycon dresses.

Shaping Shorts

Once you buy this one, it will be the most used piece in your wardrobe because it has an extremely high level of utility. As the name suggests, these shaping shorts not only shape your tummy but also your lower body that is the hips and thighs. This makes it an extremely useful piece in shapewear and that is why every woman loves it. This piece helps to make your lower body look slim and trim whilst tucking the tummy part too. What you will get with these shaping shorts is a perfectly smooth lower body with a defined waist. This added benefit of shaping the thigs is great for all those outfits that are bodycon in dresses, jeggings as well as treggings. So, if you have a bulging out tummy or thighs, then this is your ultimate savior.

Shaping Camisoles

Camisoles are usually worn under the top-wear to provide support to the bust or as a slip for transparent tops. This camisole also comes in shapewear to give proper shape and support to your torso and showcase a flawless body. This camisole can be used to flatten your tummy and the entire upper body. This camisole has a shaped stretching part in the abdomen area. So, if you don’t want to conceal your bust and only the bulging out tummy, you should pick this camisole for your tops, blouses and other top wear items. Moreover, they come in an ultra-smooth fabric that is super soft. Pick camisole shapewear and slim away that extra fat from your body.

Shaping Bodysuits

Covering all the body parts and making your body look flawless, this shaping bodysuit will be your best shapewear pick ever. It has the ability to show the illusion of a perfectly shaped body. So, in case you are looking for the overall shaping of the body, then this shaping bodysuit will work best. From your torso to your lower body, it will cover everything. Moreover, the best part of this shapewear is that you can wear it under any garment- dresses, trousers, blouses, tunics; simply everything! You can also skip wearing your bralette with this one as it has a seamless shape and padded bra cups for providing support to the bustas well. These built-in cups make this shapewear a utility piece. Since these come in a very soft and comfortable fabric, there is nothing that will stop you from buying them.

Waist Cinchers

Also called as tummy tuckers and corsets, these are meant to conceal the abdomen area only. Where you are wearing a body fitted top or blouse and that has been tucked in your jeans, the best way to showcase a perfect figure and curve will be to use this waist cincher. As the name suggests, this one conceals the body flab on the waistline and makes it one of the most used shapewear ever. It is trendy, high in utility and is super easy to wear and take off after use.

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