Shoe trends that will look excellent with spring dresses

Shoe trends that will look excellent with spring dresses

The warmer months of the year are approaching us, but first, we will have to go through the very pleasant spring season, which is all about floral dresses and comfy pairs of shoes. When it comes to picking a pair of shoes for spring dresses, most women settle for a pair of sneakers, which is a fail-safe option, but there’s a whole world beyond these classic white sneakers. While white sneakers might be your go-to pair for spring dresses, experimenting with your looks or stepping out of your comfort zone wouldn’t hurt and at the same time will allow you to keep things chic and interesting.

Considering the fashion lot has been prioritizing comfort over everything, we are witnessing a lot of new shoe trends that focus on comfort but at the same time lend a sense of flair and chic touch to the outfit. Slipper-like shoes are a thing of the past now; designers have been rethinking and reimagining shoes, and it’s a result of this only that we are spotting an array of exciting shoe trends emerging this season.

Ahead, we have rounded up a list of some shoe trends that will team well with your spring dresses.


Flatform sandals

Flatforms are having a major moment right now; they are predicted to be everywhere coming spring. Heels are an easy way to give yourself more height, but they don’t necessarily feel comfortable, and that’s where flatform sandals come into the picture. With this pair of shoes on, you won’t have to sacrifice your comfort in order to add extra height to your look. Additionally, flatform sandals look quite forward, and you can team them with different styles of dresses for a comfortable and chic look.


Square toes

Square-toe shoes have been trending for a while now, they aren’t entirely new, but you will be seeing a lot of them in the coming months. When it comes to making your spring dresses look more put-together, fancy, or dressed up, no other pair of shoes will be able to do a better job than square-toe shoes. They instantly amp up your look and make the dress appear a lot chicer. The only difference you will notice in these updated pairs of square-toe shoes is the square shape, which looks a lot sharper. Square-toe shoes look especially chic with mini dresses.


Rubber wellies

One of the coolest ways to switch up your look this spring is by sporting a pair of rubber wellies with your dresses. You can make your spring dresses look ten times cooler by teaming them with a pair of rubber wellies. They change the whole vibe of the look, and at the same time, adds a certain level of edginess, which works favorably for the look and makes you stand out from the crowd.


High-heel flip-flops

Whether you like it not, high-heel flip-flops are back this year, and they will be staying for a while. High-heel flip-flops may not have a fan base as huge as any other pair of shoes on this list; it doesn’t mean they look any less chic. When paired with the right types of dresses, especially midi dresses, these high-heel flip-flops look surprisingly chic and fashion-forward.



You can never go wrong with a pair of loafers, it is easily one of the most stylish and sophisticated pair of shoes you can wear with spring dresses. Additionally, loafers are trending really hard at the moment; they are busy garnering a lot of attention, so why not get your hands on them before all the best options are sold out? Another thing that makes loafers a great addition to your closet is the fact that they can make any dress look daytime-appropriate in an instant.

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