Signs that indicate your hands are in desperate need of care and attention

Signs that indicate your hands are in desperate need of care and attention

There’s no denying the fact that our face receives the most care and attention, and in the process of caring for our facial skin, we often forget to pay attention to other parts of our body, including hands. Considering your hands do a lot of movement and are exposed to various things throughout the day, it’s essential to give them extra care and attention. Much like your face, your hands also deserve extra TLC. While using a hand cream every day and getting a manicure every once a month help improve the appearance of your hands, this amount of care isn’t enough, and you can do a lot more than this.

The negligence and lack of care often end up making your hands look weird and aged; the only way to prevent this issue is by giving your hands much-needed care and attention.
We have put together a list of some signs that indicate that you have been ignoring your hands for way too long.


Dry and wrinkly skin

While dry hands are pretty common in winter, it doesn’t mean you will stop caring for them just because they are supposed to look like that in winter. Experiencing dryness during summer can be even a bigger problem, and if no amount of moisturizing is able to make your hands appear soft, moisturized, and wrinkle-free, then you should consider including a hydrating hand cream in your routine. Applying a hand cream formulated with nourishing ingredients like shea butter will help keep your hands soft and wrinkle-free.


Age spots

An anti-aging routine is not only meant for your face but other body parts as well, including your hands. Moles, dark spots, and freckles are some of the most commons signs of aging, and the lack of care can cause these aging signs to develop on your hands prematurely. If you notice any of the above-mentioned signs on your hands, take it as an indication that your hands are in serious need of care and attention. Apart from applying hand cream to your hands after every wash, make sure to apply a generous amount of sunscreen as well to offer sun protection.


Brittle nails

Your hands get exposed to so many things throughout the day such as water and chemicals; this constant exposure ends up leaving your nails dry and brittle. If you have brittle nails, then you need to start paying more attention to your hand care and practice precautions when it comes to your hands. Whenever you are planning to do any chores that involve water such as washing the dishes or gardening, make sure to wear gloves to keep your hands and nails protected. Apart from that, you can also include iron and calcium in your diet to improve your nail health.



Calluses are very common among people who are into gym and sports. They are a result of pressure or friction caused on a certain area of your skin. While calluses shouldn’t be a cause of concern, they shouldn’t be ignored either. Therefore, instead of leaving them untreated, you should tend to them and prevent them from appearing again. The best way to prevent these calluses is by wearing protective gloves or padding before engaging in any sort of activity that could result in calluses.


Swollen fingers

It is not exactly a skin concern, but you shouldn’t take this thing lightly either. One of the major reasons for swollen fingers could be an underlying condition; therefore, you should visit a doctor without wasting any time and determine the cause of this issue so that you can follow the right treatment.

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