Signs that suggest your skin is aging prematurely

Signs that suggest your skin is aging prematurely

Premature aging is one of the things that almost every woman fears, however, certain factors like genetics, sun exposure, and lifestyle choices take a toll on the skin, and as a result of that, your skin starts to age prematurely. While aging is a natural process, and there’s only a little you can do about it, premature aging can definitely be prevented. Your careless attitude with your skin can prove to be hazardous, if not cared for properly, your skin starts to age as early as your 20s. The worst part of all is, you won’t even be able to realize that your skin is undergoing a change and that change is not good. To save you from this heartbreak or avert this disaster, we took it upon us to educate you about how you can keep your skin from aging faster.
Listed below are 5 signs that suggest your skin is aging prematurely and what you need to do to prevent your skin from aging further.

Fine lines and wrinkles

Fine lines and wrinkles are two of the signs of aging that appear first on your face. And they usually appear in your 40s; however, overexposure to the sun can cause these signs of aging to appear as early as 30s. One of the only ways to prevent sun exposure-related aging is by wearing your sunscreen daily. Additionally, wearing sunscreen can prevent other skin-related issues as well such as brown spots and pigmentation. Look for a sunscreen that provides protection from UVA and UVB rays and also keeps signs of aging at bay.

Dull skin

Accumulation of dead skin cells makes your skin appear dull, and aging skin loses its ability to shed these dead skin cells naturally, which in turn, makes your face look too dull. If you have been experiencing the same and missing that youthful glow on your face, then take it as an indication that your skin has started to age prematurely, and you need to act on it. One of the best ways to fix this issue is by indulging in regular exfoliation, it helps to shed dead skin cells from your skin, leaving it glowy and allowing it to breathe properly. Physical exfoliators can leave your skin a bit overwhelmed; hence, you should use a chemical exfoliant for quick and effective results.

Thinning of lips

Just because a lip care routine isn’t discussed as much as a skincare routine, it doesn’t mean your lips don’t need to be cared for. As you age, your lips start to lose their plumpness, which further results in the thinning of lips. Sun damage, smoking, and reduced collagen production are some of the factors that accelerate the aging process. Therefore, aside from quitting smoking and providing sun protection to your lips, you should indulge in regular lip care. You can use SPF-based lip balm to not only hydrate your lips but also protect it from sun damage.

Wrinkled chest

Your face isn’t the only place that needs to be moisturized; other parts of your body need equal hydration too. The area below your face, which includes the neck and chest, becomes dehydrated over time, and that’s when the signs of aging start to appear earlier than anticipated. Therefore, you should take equal care of these areas too; whenever you are following your skincare routine, make sure to bring the products down to these areas too. Aside from investing in skincare products for your face, you should also purchase body care products.

Veiny hands

If you have looked at your parents’ hands, you would have noticed how wrinkly and veiny they appear. This can happen to you too and that too at an early age, which automatically means premature skin aging. Sun damage, lack of hydration, smoking, genetics are some of the factors that cause your hands to appear wrinkly and veiny. Therefore, you should keep moisturizing your hands throughout the day to prevent premature skin aging.

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