Workouts at the gym can be pretty intense and not to mention sweaty. And as we are nearing summer, sweating profusely while working out tends to become a lot more common in this season. Working out in summer is no less than a task in itself, what’s even worse is the body odor caused due to sweating, and not to forget nasty acne, which again is largely caused due to sweating, which happens when your sweat gets combined with dirt and bacteria on your skin and get trapped into the pores, leading to clogged pores.

When it comes to packing your bag for the gym, your workout gear, hair tie, water bottle, and towelette are no longer the only items you will need, you should also pack some skincare essentials that will help keep your skin fresh and protected post-workout.

Ahead, we have put together a list of some skincare essentials you probably should include in your gym bag to keep your skin cool and fresh after an intense workout session.



Do we even need to remind you about wearing your sunscreen? Considering how important it is to protect your skin from harsh sun rays, you shouldn’t need reminders to put on your sunscreen; it should have become a habit now. Post-workout, the pores on your skin tend to expand, causing sweat and toxins to surface. Your skin tends to be quite vulnerable post-workout, exposing it to the sun right after can lead to irreversible skin damage. Therefore, it’s important to apply sunscreen even when you are heading to the gym. Use sunscreen in a light formula, it won’t only prevent sun damage but will also help keep issues like dark spots and uneven skin tone at bay.



Body odor is pretty common post-workout, but you can save yourself from the embarrassment caused due to odor by applying your deodorant, of course. You should always keep deodorant in your gym bag; it is one of the essential products. You can use your deodorant right before and after your workout. Try to look for a deodorant that doesn’t contain alcohol in order to keep your underarm area safe.


Face wash

If you don’t want to end up with clogged pores and acne, then make it a point to wash your face every time right after working out. Instead of using just water to wash your face, you should also use a face wash in order to remove all the dirt, sweat, oil, and other impurities settled on the surface of your skin. When it comes to your face wash, make sure that it has a gentle formula that will remove all the nasty stuff from the surface of your skin effectively without causing any damage or irritation. Cleaning your face after every workout session will help keep skin woes like clogged pores and acne at bay.


Cleansing wipes

If you don’t have an option to wash your face with a cleanser and water right after working out, then you can use cleansing wipes to remove all the dirt, sweat, oil, and other impurities from your skin’s surface. Use cleansing wipes that come with cooling properties in order to make your skin feel fresh and also soothe post-workout redness.


Cooling gel

If your skin is prone to redness post-workout, then you need to include a cooling gel in your gym bag. Considering your skin tends to be highly sensitive after a workout, it becomes more important to offer extra hydration to your skin. Using a cooling gel immediately after working out won’t only help soothe redness but will also help make your skin feel hydrated.

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