Protective face masks have become an essential part of our lives; we simply cannot deny them of their importance. Ever since we have been hit by the pandemic, we have been forced to wear face masks to help in containing the spread of the virus and keep ourselves and others safe from this thing. But there are a few downsides of wearing protective face masks; while having slight difficulty breathing is one thing, getting acne is just a different kind of issue, which most of us are struggling with. Face masks have given rise to a new kind of issue called maskne, which is frustrating and saddening at the same time. Frustrating because acne is one of the last things any person wants to deal with and saddening because you simply cannot stop wearing face masks for obvious reasons.

If you are noticing acne on your face or your skin feels irritated, especially on and around the chin and nose, it indicates you are dealing with maskne, which has become a common skin condition ever since we have started wearing face masks. While not wearing a face mask is just out of the question, we can try a different approach to deal with this issue, and there seems to be no better way to tackle maskne than including certain skincare products in your skincare regimen. Using the right skincare products will help in keeping maskne at bay.


Use a gentle yet effective cleanser

You should be very mindful of your cleanser. Cleansers with harsh ingredients can irritate your skin further and worsen the acne. While harsh cleansers help in removing oil from the skin, they don’t really feel gentle on the skin, which only aggravates the problem. You should steer clear of cleansers containing harsh ingredients like alcohol, salicylic acid, etc. You should stick to cleansers that contain natural ingredients in order to remove excess oil.


Double-cleanse your face

You should always cleanse your face before going to bed, regardless of whether you are wearing makeup or not. All that dirt, dust, oil, and pollution combined with product build-up can clog your pores, leading to breakouts. Therefore, you should make it a point to cleanse your face every day before hitting the sheets followed by a face wash. The double-cleansing method is a great way to ensure your face is free of dirt, oil, and other impurities, thereby minimizing the chances of breakouts and skin irritation. Start by cleansing your face using micellar water, then wash your face with a suitable face wash to achieve clear and glowing skin.


Exfoliate your face

Exfoliating your face is one of the most important skincare steps, you should never skip it, no matter the case. It’s essential to exfoliate your face twice a week to slough away dead skin from the surface and reveal brighter and glowing skin. Dead skin and other impurities tend to settle deep inside the pores, leaving them clogged, which in turn, makes the face look dry and dull. Therefore, you should exfoliate your face twice a week using a gentle scrub to draw dead skin and deep-set dirt impurities from the pores, which in turn, will make your skin feel smooth and even-toned.


Apply a lightweight moisturizer

It’s imperative to apply moisturizer before wearing a face mask. The key to happy and healthy skin is hydration, and every skin type needs to feel hydrated in order to stay healthy. If your skin tends to get oily under the mask, then you should use a lightweight moisturizer, it will provide hydration to your skin without making it feel greasy or oily. While purchasing moisturizer, make sure to check the ingredients to see if it contains any ingredient your skin might be allergic to.

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