Some Hacks to Make Your Basic Style Better

Some Hacks to Make Your Basic Style Better

Basics have been and will be your wardrobe essential. They are a certain specific type of clothing that is to be worn by you. There are basics for summers, spring, winter, and autumn. The basics are never in neutral shades only. They are many colors and patterns as well. Some people feel that the basics are all about solids but they is more to it than the solids and the neutral tones. They are like the soul of your wardrobe. If you have them you can style any outfit. Well, if you don’t believe us then let’s share the ideas using which you can make your basics look better.

White Tee

We all have white in our home. Now the tee comes in two styles one is a round neck and another is V neck. If you are a cup A or B then you can wear the round neck tee. These will give some volume up there making you look chic. Now, for the cup sizes other than that you can always go for the V necks. Since the breasts are bigger covering them from top to bottom will highlight more. The eyes are drawn towards the fabric, but if you wear a V neck the fabric will not cover them whole there will be some visible skin. This will bring lesser attention. Besides, a white tee looks cool when styled with gold-tone accessories. You can also wear a thick gold belt with a neckpiece and a golden bracelet. Therefore, you can wear your white tee with something in gold.

White Collar Shirt

Another white example coming in basics is a white collar shirt. You can have the collared shirt in any color you like it’s just an example of styling the shirt. Never wear your shirt button to the top. Wear it two or maybe three buttons down. So you can wear your shirt in several ways. So you can wear it open while dressing a plain tank under. If it’s white then you can go for various colors. Besides you can wear some other colored shirt above a white tank. You can also wear a plain shirt and tie the front tails into a knot. Don’t forget to accessories your look. You can wear a detailed shirt and tuck it. The details can be any pattern or different color buttons.

Linen Blouse

Having a linen blouse is something essential for summers. You can wear a linen blouse which has patterns or, it can be plain. But we have such a huge range of options when it comes to blouse for summers. There are wrap style blouse, the peplum style blouse. You can have a plain detailed work blouse. The breathable options are many in the linen blouse. You can wear a net and a cotton mix blouse. Besides you can wear them with a skirt or trousers. If the length of the blouse is long then you can tuck it in the lower. It is a great option to look a little dressier, while you are going for a comfortable summer dressing.

Light Washed Denims

We have light washed denim at our home. Don’t go for the skinny light wash jeans. They were in trend but we are going to our old style. The stiff jeans don’t have elastane in it. It was way better and gave a nice shape to the body. The loose trend is back in the run. You can get yourself a boot cut or normal straight cut jeans. It isn’t necessary to have the boot cut of straight jeans only you can have shorts or denim skirts. Skirts are back in trend actually they are the exceptional pieces to be going out of trend. You can style these with boots or the chunky platforms heels. The flip flops are always the summer trend. You can style all the above-mentioned options with your light wash lowers. Carry a sling and not the clutch with this outfit.

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