Spring loungewear trends that are comfortable yet fashion-forward

Spring loungewear trends that are comfortable yet fashion-forward

2020 was mostly about staying at home and wearing the comfiest sweatpants, which honestly, most of us wore throughout the year. As much as we enjoyed wearing this piece and have almost been living in them, it’s time to put them aside for a while now and experiment with other comfortable fashion trends. You don’t necessarily have to stop wearing sweatpants, the only thing we are trying do here is getting you familiar with other comfy loungewear trends that are expected to be big in spring, and the best thing about the trends in question is they are not only comfy but fashion-forward as well, meaning that you won’t have to compromise your style when choosing comfort over it.

These loungewear trends are equal parts comfortable and fashion-forward, giving you the best of both worlds. We certainly cannot say no to such pieces, and after going through the entire article, we are certain you won’t be able to resist yourself from buying these pieces. Listed below are a couple of spring loungewear trends that are incredibly comfortable yet fashion-forward.



If you can’t seem to get over the idea of wearing sweats but at the same time want them to look fashion-forward, you should look no further than hoodies. Hoodies are a refreshing take on sweats, and the change in approach when it comes to styling sweats is also quite clever and fashion-forward. You can expect to spot hoodies in oversized versions, and aside from wearing them with jeans or leggings, donning them over dresses or underneath blazers are two chic ways to style them.


Elevated knit sets

Loungewear doesn’t always have to be simple and boring, you can definitely add some spice or jazz to the look with minimal effort, and elevated knit sets are the perfect solution to this. Knit sets are gaining heat at the moment, and they are only expected to become even popular in the coming months. Sophisticated knit sets are definitely one of the most fashion-forward loungewear trends, and they are expected to come out in an array of chic options.


House slipper

We don’t give much importance to our house slipper and usually wear the same slipper we have had for years. But that’s going to change this year considering several brands and designers have reworked house slipper, and they are better than ever. If you are up to upgrade your house slipper, then you should definitely consider investing in slippers that have been revamped in fun and cool ways. Shearling slipper, leather slides are some of the best options to consider.


Track pants

Of all the loungewear trends that were showcased on the runways, track pants managed to leave a lasting impression, for that reason, they are expected to be huge this spring. For those who enjoy sporty fashion, track pants are definitely one of the best purchases to make. Track pants are an excellent take on sporty fashion; they are not only super practical but comfortable and fashion-forward as well. When it comes to styling track pants, wearing them with midriff-baring tops and on the top of bike shorts are some of the fresh ways.


Oversize button-downs

Oversize silhouette is gaining a lot of heat at the moment, and it’s not just the hoodies that have been reworked in oversized silhouette, button-downs also went under a makeover and have been reintroduced in oversized versions. Oversize button-down tops are not only super comfortable, but they are also incredibly easy to style, and one of the chicest ways to style oversize button-down is by teaming it with micro shorts.

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